March 18, 2013

Taddy Porter - Stay Golden (2013)

In the unfortunate case that  you live under a rock and you missed last year’s review  of Taddy Porter’s debut album, don’t worry! I’m here to remind you of it and to announce to the world that they’ve hit yet another home run with the more recent ‘Stay Golden’.

And while the self-titled was a clear nod to the 70’s yet retaining a modern sound, the current avalanche of ideas has the band stepping back in time even more and emerging with a full-fledged 60’s sound, in both composition and production:  eleven sweet tracks (albeit short) of rolling stone-ish flavor in which to delve and marvel while you take your parents by the hand and you force them to revisit their inner hippies.

Should they have added some cracks and pops over the songs I could have sworn I was listening to an old vinyl. It even ends on a gospel note, so what’s there not to like about this album?

Go check it out NOW!  

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