April 29, 2013

Lostprophets - Start Something (2004)

Delving once more into the alterno/nu-metal/screamo/whatever bucket of obscure records I listen to almost on a daily basis (but wait, we’re talking about Lostprophets, so I guess they’re not that obscure after all!), I bring you this sophomore effort of this welsh band, meant for tearing up t-shirts, painting your dog pink, drinking expired milk and wearing your grandma's underpants while you’re running down the street screaming “We are Godzilla, you are Japaaaaaaan!!!”

Basically, this is a very energetic album with the obligatory ballad thrown in here and there and a very cool instrumental outro, but that’s just about it; yet somehow I feel compelled to recommend this to anyone, since it contains songs that remind me of the times when I was a kinder and all I did was sit around playing Need For Speed all day. 

So yeah, for those moments ‘Start Something’ packs a great punch, but if you’re looking for more complicated music, you might as well check out my death-by-doom reviews or whatever. In the meantime, I am Godzilla and you are Japaaaaaaaaan!!!

April 26, 2013


Well, I have descended to talk a little about heavy overlords Electric Wizard's popularity. They have stretched out riffs, some not quite good, some eerie vocals and occult themes.. kind of a deja vu when it comes to metal... But oh they are so awesome, not only for being the best at this shit, but for being the first to do this!

Don't get me wrong, I am an Electric Wizard fan and have been for quite some time, precisely, since I first listened to "Night Of The Shape" back in 2007 and was completely blown away, it was the creepiest shit I have ever heard. And yes, they might actually be the heaviest band I know, and that is something very admirable (No, I don't listen to Sunn O))), thank you very much ). But there's something that bothers me, Electric Wizard have a damn huge fanbase, tens of thousands of people know about EW only on facebook, and I'm cool with the fact that they are popular, but they're not THAT good, seriously. And the thing that bothers me is that most of their fans are silly stoners, that use them the same way we use Pornhub, because it pleasures us in that dirty, dirty way.

For example, "Dopethrone" and "Funerapolis" are EW's most popular songs, they're just an orgy of heavy riffs and whatnot, and both have over one milion views on Youtube, yet this band has waaaay better songs, that are more awesome riffs and creativeness, and less drone-doom-bass-420, but are leeeeesss popular. So it's pretty obvious which kind of fans are dominating here. Let's compare "Funeralopolis" to, say, "Come To The Sabbath" by Mercyful Fate, the latter one has almost as many views (give or take a couple of hundred thousand views, what) and is one of the best heavy metal songs in history, it has all sorts of cool shit, includin maestro King Diamond's amazing vocals, yet the Electric Wizard song is just there so that silly silly stoners can get their kicks... it's a damn shame.

Tl;Dr: No, it's not about the popularity and mainstream-ness, just about quantity of fans over quality of fans.

April 25, 2013

Samsara Blues Experiment - Live at Rockpalast

While everyone's busy marching around saying Tzeeeac is shutting down, please allow good ol' Jonathan to be the one to bring you the latest industry news, this time involving a band that was already featured in our beloved webzine. But since their good, who am I to deny them?

Back in February, Chester did a show review for these guys (in case you missed it, here’s the link) and now they’ll be releasing an audio record of their live gig at, well, Rockpalast obviously (which is a German music TV show), dated Oct. 2012. And if my oh-so-death-metaller colleague was granted with the honor of seeing them live, I’ll just have to make due with this record here, courtesy of the guys being extra nice and offering us a sneak preview of the album, so we could joyfully crank the volume up to 11 and annoy the hell out of our neighbors!

To keep things short, what we have here is one hour and fourteen minutes of stoner bliss, filled with heavy grooves, a thick desert-ish sound (although somewhat exotic in its own way), followed immediately by an acoustic rendition of the song Singata Mystic Queen, akin to a sweet cherry on top of an already exquisite cake.

The live disc is set for release on the 25’th of April, 2013 (yes, that’s TODAY), so you better keep a close eye on their bandcamp page; meanwhile, here’s the filmed version to quench your thirst for stoner blues experiments.  

April 24, 2013

Agalloch - Ashes Against the Grain (2006)

Possibly the quintessential Marco black metal album, Ashes Against the Grain by Agalloch is a true masterpiece of atmospheric black metal with post-rock and shoegaze elements. I'm 99% sure that Marco would have no trouble at all listening to this and that he might actually enjoy it during a forest trip. After all, the music is as far removed from black metal as possible, with only the tremolo riffs reminding us of its ancient ancestry, as well as the slightly growled vocals, which are more soothing instead of grim and threatening. Also, there are is no obnoxious Satanic imagery to be found here. Only blissful lyrics about nature, mountains, lakes, forest and walking naked through the snow. It's okay, Marco, there's nothing to be afraid of.

I might see them live in about three weeks or so. If I do, I'll be sure to write a long-winded report of that magical evening. Until then, I leave you with their bandcamp page. Shhh... no tears, only dreams now.

April 23, 2013


This is it, everyone. The moment I've been expecting all my life. EVERYTHING Sunn O))) have ever released, available on bandcamp. There is nothing else to want. Effective tomorrow, TZEEEAC is shutting down forever*, because I am going to spend the rest of my days secluded inside a cave while listening to all of this stuff. Yes, I'm a huge Sunn O))) fan.


*just kidding

April 22, 2013

Black Sugar Transmission - The Glamour Pantomime (2013)

We’ve received loads of submissions in the last months, but none as peculiar as this one (from my point of view, at least). They describe themselves as being a ‘’highly destructive electro-rock’’ band, which might sound awesome to you but threatening to your grandfather, even after a life-time of shouting at innocent hippies.

As I was saying, Black Sugar Transmission are an odd bunch. The Glamour Pantomime is a blend between really, really high-pitched electro-sounds (in the spirit of Crystal Castles), alternative rock and Placebo on a fuckton of cocaine. It’s catchy, mesmerizing, colorful and so full of energy that I found myself fist pumping at 3 A.M., enslaved by the hypnotic trance that this album threw me into. And it's not like I wasn't hyper and obnoxious enough already. Thanks a lot, guys.

What's really nice is that you can distinguish the ''machine'' from the ''organic'' - in that you can actually hear some fucking instruments. The ''rock'' element is not there just for the show. The awesome guitar riffs and drums blend perfectly with the electronic rhythms, making for a fast, high-pitched electronic roller coaster that you'll never want to stop. Well, maybe just for their next album. You're not stopping here, right? Right guys? Guys?

So go check them out, and don't you dare speak to us until you do that.

April 20, 2013


Hello, buttmonglers! Today I'm super stoked to bring you a sweet interview with Sawyer, Mike and Doan aka KISSING CONTEST, my favorite movie podcast of forever. We talk about their podcast, awful reality TV, punk rock, Katty Perry, The Walking Dead and we generally do a really unreasonable amount of PR for their show. Now read on and tune in, jerks!

1. Hello guys and thanks for agreeing to take part in this friendly conversation! We’re excited about it. Ready to strap on some questions?

Mike: Everything is strapped on in its appropriate position.

Sawyer: That particular piece of show lingo originated on an episode I was not a part of so I refuse to comment.

Doan: I'm always strapped.

2. First up, some of our readers may not be familiar with what you do. Would you introduce yourselves and briefly explain what Kissing Contest is?

Mike: Hi I’m Mike, I’m the Co-host of a comedy podcast mostly about movies and television called Kissing Contest. A lot of people refer to me as “the best host” or “the fan favorite” of Kissing Contest.

Sawyer: Hi, I’m Sawyer. On rare occasion I’m fortunate enough to be invited to guest host my own podcast. While what Mike said is true, a lot more people refer to him as “a cranky fuck”, “a soul sucking vacuum” or “a ghoulbot.”

Doan: I'm producer Doan, the minority.

3. History 101, guys. How did Kissing Contest start? What were the reasons that made you decide “Yeah, I will waste a bunch of hours every week on this”? Did you have a preliminary plan about the show’s format and stuff or did you make it up as you went along?

Mike: I used to do another podcast called Buncocky and Sawyer did a Buncocky tribute podcast called something I don’t remember. Buncocky was more of a free flowing talk about whatever type of podcast. 

Once I moved to Brooklyn, Sawyer wanted to do a podcast with me, and really who could blame him? I think it literally took us a year to scrape together the first five episodes and there was really no serious direction. I didn’t want to do another free form podcast since I was still doing Buncocky at the time, so we came up with the idea to make it Movie and TV based since that was our strong point.

Sawyer: My memory only goes back about six months, the exception being really big events like finding a case of Bud Dry somewhere. So I’ll go with Mike’s version of events. However, my records indicate that the “Buncocky Tribute Podcast” was actually called Madmosa. It was hosted by myself, former Producer Frank and former guest Karate Steve. It was recorded in the bathtub and was, of course, hilarious. 

Doan: Madmosa had possibly the worst audio quality of any podcast I'd ever heard in my life. Did you know producer Frank used to drive from New Jersey to Brooklyn to record that? On the reg. 

4. You watch a lot of horrible reality shows and wrestling, but what are some of your favorite TV series right now? Do you watch mainstream stuff like Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones? I just finished watching the third season of The Walking Dead. Everyone said it was boring, but I liked it :(

Mike: I have a mental block when it comes to serious TV dramas, but I’ve been trying to enjoy them like a regular human. I really like Breaking Bad, I think VEEP is back at it and I really liked the first season of that. The Walking Dead I watch basically just to bitch about it. I thought the first half of the third season was pretty good though. Yeah, outside of that, it’s Pawn Stars and WWE RAW 24/7 for me.

Sawyer: I want to be clear on this point: if I didn’t live with Mike, I’d watch exactly zero hours of wrestling, and 0.5 hours of reality TV. But because I’m lazy and he gets home from work before I do, he generally runs the TV, which means I’ll plunk down on the couch like a piece of shit and watch whatever garbage he’s watching. This consumption by osmosis of reality TV is probably good for the show though, so I live with it. As far as television of my own choosing, I haven't watched a show regularly since The Wire - in the sense of making a point to watch the new episodes as they air. The one exception would be SportsCenter, but I just watch that every day as I eat breakfast and get ready so that doesn't really count. I'm also a big dumb jock so I watch a lot of sports. Beyond that, shows I enjoy and catch up on when I can include: Workaholics, Girls, VEEP, The Jeselnik Offensive, Game Of Thrones, Louie, and probably some shit I'm forgetting. 

Doan: I don't have cable, which I mention semi-regularly, but I watch Monday Night Raw on a bootleg feed Mike turned me onto, The Walking Dead at friends' houses, and Game of Thrones via HBO Go. I also like Gordon Ramsey's F Word, Adventure Time, Bob's Burgers, and for some reason, Downtown Abbey. I also still watch The Simpsons. I also do sad homeless stuff like watch PBS.


5. Seeing as though we are primarily a music blog, we need to ask some stuff about this. What kind of music do you each listen to when you’re not busy watching shitty movies for the Movie Hostage segment of your podcast?

Mike: This is a tough one for me, because I love music so much that I end up hating most of it if that makes any sense. My stock answer when I don’t want to talk to people about music is “I like rap music” but I listen to a lot of stuff. When I was younger I was more into metal and hardcore, but now I’m an old grandpa and way too mellowed out to listen to that stuff on a regular basis, so I spend most of my music time listening to rap or old soul or funk. I can definitely hold my own in a conversation about most genres though and savor in those moments when I can really let loose and make fun of someone’s musical tastes.

Sawyer: Boy, does he ever savor those moments. In the 12 years I’ve known Mike the only times I’ve ever wanted to throw him down the stairs is when we get into arguments about music, specifically my taste in music. I listen primarily to hardcore and punk rock, and those are the only two kinds of music I give a fuck about. But I give what could be classified as waaaayyy too much of a fuck about them, and being that Mike is an elitist faux intellectual cocksucker when it comes to music, this frequently leads to bad feelings. I also listen to the same rap music everyone listens to but especially love idiot teen rap like Chief Keef. And then I like some sad lady music and lots of REAL idiot shit like Ke$ha. But everyone should just go buy the Culo LP as that’s all that matters right now. 

Doan: I spent my formative years listening to punk hardcore metal and sad mope rocking. I still listen to that shit but I also like rap, oldies, easy listening, all sorts of shit really. The only music I keep away from me with a ten foot pole is popular country and BS pop music like Kesha and LMFAO. Like I hate will I am. But them again, I like Katy Perry and not just because she is a fox. 

6. Do you feel like talking a bit about the equipment you use or offer some practical tips for budding young enthusiasts wanting to start their own podcast? This is your chance to become role-models for the future generation.

Mike: We use decent mics and a pretty fancy mixer and we don’t know what 75% of the buttons do on it. We have a 60 inch newstron, which is what really sets us apart from other lame podcasts. I seriously feel like someone asks me every other week what software and hosting we use so I’ve been answering that question since 2008. Chances are if you wanted tips from me, you already asked me at this point, but if you still want advice, find me on Facebook!

7. I loved Mike and Doan’s appearance on the PodAwful podcast and it was really funny when you called Sawyer while he was at work. Did he get in any trouble afterwards?

Sawyer: No, Rodman is a pretty easygoing boss. He encourages my hijinx. I was in a supremely shit mood though because I had flown on zero sleep after a night of putting bad things in my body, so when they first called I was just pissed and didn’t want to talk to them so I lied and said I was busy. But then I decided I’d hate listening to the episode if I wasn’t in it at least a little bit, so I called back. 

Doan: Jesse tried to get Mike and I to kiss.

8. Have you ever thought about taking Kissing Contest to the NEXT LEVEL? Like, say a TV network would approach you and offer you your own show on TV. Would you do it? Or maybe something on a smaller scale, like making your own YouTube channel with video gibberish? How about finally doing a Kickstarter for $5,000 because you need additional podcasting equipment?

Mike: We’ve actually been approached by several TV Networks, but it turns out we are way too sexy and tough to be on TV. NO BUT SERIOUSLY FOLKS! I’ve been verrrrrrrrrrrry slowly working on a “video project” that will be under the Kissing Contest banner if and when I finish it. It’s something I told myself I would finish in 2013 and it eats away at my soul every single day I don’t work on it, so hopefully you’ll see something soon.

Sawyer: If someone wanted to pay us to do this show, I would do it in a fucking heartbeat. I love this show and I love doing it, but if someone said “we’re gonna put you on TV but you have to hold up this box of Trix every ten minutes” that would not conflict with my sense of artistic integrity in the slightest. I’m not so hung up on money that I’m trying to move out of the shithole we live in, but I am trying to buy said shithole so I can own the joint. Give me some fucking money. That said, I have no interest in doing a video podcast, as I hate them personally. I want to listen to the show, I don’t want to have to stare at it. I would like to do a live podcast if we get to the point where we feel there are enough people in one place that would want to see that.

Doan: What Sawyer said.

Co-hosts Sawyer and Mike

9. What are Doan’s actual responsibilities as show producer? Is he like in charge of setting up the microphones or audio editing? This has been keeping me up at night.

Mike: I don’t even know anymore.

Sawyer: Doan is a huge part of the show – he’s on it more than I am at this point. I will grudgingly admit that I think he’s often funnier than I am, and that upsets me on a variety of levels. The show wouldn’t be the same without him. That said – he’s gotten to the point where he can’t even operate the fucking newstron properly, and he’s always busy touting. Happily the show doesn’t require that much producing, because he’s become an incredible host and a terrible producer. 

Doan: I set up the microphones.

10. What keeps you going with this? How has Kissing Contest positively affected your lives?

Mike: I’m one of those people that have this constant nagging need to be working on a couple creative projects at all times so that’s why I do it. As for a positive effect, I don’t really know. We got to show some movies at the Spectacle Theater and that was pretty cool. Last summer when people sent us like a grocery store’s worth of snacks for snaxchat was sweet. I tend to forget about all the perks that come with doing stuff like this because as Mark Henry would say THIS IS WHAT I DO and I never take time to enjoy myself because I am a robot.

Sawyer: What Mike said. I am constantly disappointed in myself for not doing more creatively with my life. I tend to write it off as a side effect of not having a normal job and sometimes working insane hours, but the truth is the perk of not having a normal job is that when I’m not in the middle of an 80 hour work week, I have a lot of free time. So doing this one creative project helps me justify spending my weekends running around in a haze ruining my body. Enabling my own drug and alcohol abuse is pretty positive to me!

Doan: It's weird because this might be my only hobby that doesn't involve drinking and eating. If you can call this a hobby. Also, Sawyer is funny, you funny DAWG quit being modest. 

11. I think we’ve gotten everything we wanted out of you lot, for the time being. Traditionally, we leave the last question open, so you can say whatever you want, plug some stuff or even ask us some questions. Thanks again for indulging us and keep on truckin’ with Kissing Contest!

Mike: Listen to Kissing Contest, tell your friends to listen to Kissing Contest. Don’t be a lazy dick about it and say you’ll check it out later or that you don’t know how to download podcasts. I’m sick of your human excuses. Also thank you for this interview.

Sawyer: Yeah, tell some people. I mean, it’s cool that people retweet us and comment on the facebook page, but if you like our show, just go tell someone to listen. And if you’re a shut in or whatever, telling people on the internet is cool too. Just keep telling people about it. I still sell people on UYD and I’ve been listening to that show for four years. Oh and I forgot to mention this in the “positive stuff” question, but it’s honestly amazing to me that we have people all over the world (well, the parts with the internet) listening to this show, and that makes me supremely happy. And getting emails, meeting people who listen to the show, that kind of interaction rules. Mike hates it because he’s a grump-monster, but I love it so keep it up. And thank you for the interview - if my long winded answers aren’t transparent enough, I really like talking about myself. Lastly: YO I'M ON TINDER!

Doan: Thanks for listening, tell your friends and I have a mix tape coming out "DAWG unleashed" May 18th ok I don't. Thanks for the interview.



April 18, 2013

Austere - To Lay Like Old Ashes (2009)

Today's Marco black metal feature is Austere, a project of the highly prolific Australian musician Tim Yatras. This has got to be one of my favorite black metal albums ever, for several reasons:

  • It's atmospheric as fuck. 
  • Despite being sometimes labeled as depressive black metal, it's probably some of the most uplifting-sounding black metal you will ever hear. 
  • The drumming is super nice, full of various fills that manage to keep things interesting for the whole duration of the rather long tracks. 
  • The vocals, man! Creepy, melancholic and uniquely melodic, Tim Yatras' pterodactyl shrieks complement the beautiful music perfectly. 

Sadly, Austere's output was limited to only two full-length albums and a handful of small releases. I will tell you right now, this music is downright addictive and it's perfect night-time listening so, if you crave more of it, allow me to direct you to Germ, Tim Yatras' latest solo project, which is just like Austere, except infused with electronic trance music. It is just as amazing as it sounds. 

April 16, 2013

New Wave Of Sleazy Chips (NWOSC)

I never know what to expect from Chio Chips, sometimes they make good shit (Xtreme Wasabi, Salt and Vinegar of even the controversial Mint Chips, which I enjoyed, please don't fire me), but they've had their fair share of stupid stuff (Xtreme Chilli and Xtreme Curry, whose hottness was obliterated by that of the mighty Wasabi). On that note, the Wasabi ones are my favourite chips of all time I guess, not necessarily for the taste, but for actually being fucking spicy and very hard to eat, unlike most "Hot" chips. Pringles have something going on with spiciness too. Now, for our feature presentation:

Translation: "New flavours, irresistible, obey"

Chio Chips Hot Wings

Well, the hot wing ones are quite alright, for starters. The flavour is an ok choice, and the taste is cool too, but there are three problems with this. One, Chio already had the popular Chicken Flavour, which are actually better that this shady (slim?) remake. Two, the package says the're supposed to be "hot", and they are most certainly not. And three, the one thing that bugs me the most with them, and one of the reasons that I am probably not going to buy these a lot, is the fact that once you eat a bag from start to finish all by yourself (you're going to, anyway, I am fond on lonely friday nights, filled with chips and cheap horror flicks or the latest big bucks drama show via the Internet), your finger get fucking covered in that fucking flavour, and, unlike Cheetos or any other bag-food, that shit stays with you for quite some time. No matter how many times you wash your hands, that repulsive chicken wing smell (that's goon on chips, but not on finger tips) sticks, and you have to live with that for a couple of days. Ungh.

Chio Chips Shawarma

23rd July, 34°C, 12:15 PM. Your Motorola 2006 phone wakes you up, it's fucking noon, and outside you can find the highest temperature there can ever be ever. You throw on your best white undershirt, stains included, some colours nobody's ever heard about. Your Dacia 1300 awaits you, grill in the back, 6-packs of Bucegi in the front, official beer of Romania. You pick up as many friends as your 70s Romanian car can hold, so about 7 or 8, and head for the nearest public forest in town. Amazingly, you manage to find a place of unhabited natural paradise, so let's cook some fucking weiners and mici. Sunflower seeds and all, you just can't wait for the meat to cook, and the manele blasting in the background only makes you hungrier. If only there can be something that tastes horribly sleazy and cheap, and can be eaten with mayonnaise. Stop.

What about those 10 bags of Chio Chips Shawarma you just bought last night?

Glorious day, you find yourself and your 7-8 friends stripped naked, fighting like animals for the shawarma chips, clawing at eachother and making unheard-of sounds in the virgin wild. One will survive and win the chips. Hours pass, the ritual continues. No one hears your pack. Victory, you are the one. You are the best. The Day is over. Feast. You have succeded. 

They're not that good though.

La Chinga - La Chinga (2013)

Part of what makes TZEEEAC this great is our email address. Sure, it may not look like much - just your ordinary, run-of-the-mill, somewhat lame Yahoo! virtual postbox. But inside it holds an ever growing number of emails from various bands across the world, sharing their music with us. Most of the time, their music is great. Sometimes, it's weird and confusing. And a select few times, the music we receive is so undeniably awesome that we can't help but feel privileged that its makers have deemed us worthy of spreading it around. This is one of those times.

First of all, I did some googling and I can somewhat confidently state that La Chinga would roughly translate as The Fuck. A ballsy move for sure, naming your band like that, but you know what? These guys have the cojones to pull it off. Hailing from Vancouver - that is, indeed, in Canada, which you all know I think is one of the best exporters of metal on the planet, and I don't mean aluminum railing - and making their fulminating debut in the metal scene, La Chinga are a power trio on a mission: to kick your ass. Fueled by what I can only assume is a strict diet of steak, beer, tequila and strip clubs, these dudes unleash a fucking maelstrom of 70s flavored, honest to Satan rock'n'roll that will stomp you to the ground. Not unlike their Canadian brethren You Handsome Devil, who operate in roughly the same manner.

As soon as you hit the play button, you are smacked dead in the face with an entire arsenal of rock'n'roll weaponry: dirty, overdriven guitar riffs with razor-sharp hooks and some bluesy vibes, lyrics about getting drunk and fucking shit up, tight drumming and some really great wailing vocals, all topped off with a generous serving of sizzling hot guitar solos. There are no weak songs to be found here: every single one of them is a rowdy party anthem that invites yelling and wanton destruction. They even managed to surprise me by sticking a stoner-bluesy rock song reminescent of Kyuss right in the middle of all the craziness, just to keep everyone on their toes. I also have to give them props for the excellent production work: the whole album sounds very professional, despite it being a self-funded, self-released effort.

Like I said, our email address is great. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful guys in La Chinga for sharing this with us even before it was officially released. As far as debut albums go, it doesn't get much better than this. Way to go, dudes!

PS: This might not be the last time you hear about La Chinga on our beloved blog...

April 14, 2013

3rd Ear Experience - Peacock Black (2013)

Well, this is something I thought I’d never see, space rock recorded in the desert!

Simply put, these chaps decided to disconnect themselves from the real world and set up an individual studio in which to document this beast of an album; because at only four tracks that spawn over 75 minutes, this release took me a little while to digest.

At times, it reminded me very much of Causa Sui and their Summer Sessions albums (see the review here); following a similar pattern, 3rd Ear Experience ‘wrote’ their music over the span of just a couple of days, doing so mainly by improvisation. And that, in my humble opinion, is what represents the core of an artist’s imagination: to be able to let yourself go of everything else and just be there for what you really want to achieve is by no means a small feat. 

With regards to the music itself, the four tracks treat the listener from an alternative perspective, as each one seems to represent a movement inside a whole. The first track, The Surface Of Last Scattering, brings out the big guns, being probably the one with the heaviest groove. This is greatly complemented by Peacock Black, second in line and the most chilled-out of the four. One might think that crossing over the twenty two minute mark could get boring, yet I’ve never felt that.

These guys don't seem like boring people, do they?

The other half of the album follows basically in the same fashion, alternating between heavy and slow in the most deft of ways, with light synth touches placed as a background for the instruments. All in all, it’s a release that never disappoints, although in order to fully understand what 3rd Ear Experience accomplished here, one must be completely detached from the world and must leave the album to soak into one’s brain - pretty much what they wanted from us from the start. Personally, I’d recommend listening to this release late at night, just before going to sleep. It actually leaves the impression that you’re in a dry field, stargazing with the best of them. 

With that said and done, we thank the guys once more for providing us with a great listening experience and gladly recommend that you check them out either at cdbaby or iTunes. Meanwhile, here’s a brief excerpt of the title track in order to tickle your music loving senses.

deafheaven - Roads to Judah (2011)

Guys? Hey guys?

I'm getting hella into hipster black metal or, as I like to call it, Marco black metal, because I always imagine that this is the kind of black metal Marco would be able to listen to without hiding under his bed in fear and perhaps even enjoy it. Marco black metal is melodic, emotional, highly atmospheric, it usually has raspy vocals with clean vocals  always being a possibility, it has tons of tremolo-picked riffs and it definitely has some post-rock and shoegaze influences. Marco black metal bands include deafheaven, Agalloch, Wolves in the Throne Room (he even reviewed one of their albums back when we were writing in our native Black Language of Mordor), Fen, Alcest, Liturgy and maybe even these assholes, who didn't even name their band and instead use a black bar as a name.

Expect to see a lot of posts about these bands in the near future and also some stuff about drone metal bands. Shit is about to get real post-modern in here, bitches!

Today we start with the aforementioned deafheaven and their debut album titled Roads to Judah. If you've ever wanted to hear black metal played by people who look like extras for the show Mad Men, this is the band for you and this is their bandcamp page. Look at those fucking hipsters!

April 13, 2013

Mother Unit - Brain Massage (2010)

Yet another space rock/progressive/psychedelic/whatever album brought to you from the depths of the almighty internets, courtesy of Tzeeeac members delving deep into the underground and searching for quality releases for you minions to listen.

Denying the use of vocals, Mother Unit leaves the music to speak for itself and I’m glad they didn’t choose to overcomplicate things. While they bring nothing new to the table, I found this LP to be more relaxing than ever. For you who enjoy comparisons, Brain Massage sometimes felt strangely related to Ufomammut, although there are no 'visible' similarities between their music. I don't know, maybe it's the electronica underlinings that reminded me of the dubious vocal effects Ufomammut treat their albums with, or maybe just not.

The last track, From The Source - Into The Mind, is the one that grabbed my attention initially, being a little off-key compared to the rest of the album, focusing more on the groove side than anything else. It's trippy, chilled out and somewhat instantly gratifying. 

But enough of my ramblings. I'll just link to the first track and you can take it from there.

P.S: This review was brought to you by a wireless network connection aptly titled 'Your Mother' and written during an ad-hoc filming session in a local pub. How cool am I?

April 12, 2013

3 More Things That I hate About Music

3. Self Titled Albums

Examples: Wolfmother, Interpol, The Libertines, basically every fucking upcoming band since music is a thing.

I’ve been bitching about since forever, but I never got the chance to get into the itsy-bitsy details that infuriate me about this cursed phenomenon.

Well, ‘’infuriate’’ is a strong word, ‘’frustrate’’ might be more appropriate. No, it infuriates me.  Or does it frustrate me? See what this shit is doing to me? I can even tell how the hell I feel about it, because, coincidentally, I enjoy the majority of self-titled albums I’ve listened so far. And when I realize that the people who release self-titled albums are the ones whose music is refreshing, original and fully enjoyable, I wonder why they didn’t take a 5 minute break from cocaine and hookers to think about a proper name for their album. It’s really infuristrating.

2. Farewell tours

Examples: Everybody.

Let’s say an old, overly-plasticized and boring hag who happens to be one of the world’s most important pop-stars falls into the stinky pit of irrelevance and decides to retire from music and focus on other careers, like being in the jury of a major singing competition that only idiots care about.  Knowing that her audience is comprised of middle-aged people and their children who are forced to listen to her music by their parents because THIS IS THE REAL MUSIC, NOT THE RUBBISH YOU KIDS ARE LISTENING TO NOWADAYS, she needs to go out with a boom. Those plastic surgeries ain’t cheap, ya know. So what’s the solution?

Why, a farewell tour, of course. Multiple ones. That span over the course of a few years. It’s OK to cash-in on people’s sadness ‘cause you’re totally not going to do it again! 

There’s nothing more obscene and cynical in the world than farewell tours. Please, stop doing this if you’re not planning to overdose on cocaine at the end of it.

In case you’re wondering who’s the lovely lady I was reffering to, it’s Steven Tyler.

1. Pitchfork Media

Examples: Pitchfork Media

First of all, check this out. See anything wrong with it?

Yep, there’s no need to rush to your local ophthalmologist. I didn't provide you with a link, because that review has been removed from their website. It was a 0.0/10 rating given to Zaireeka, a decent album released by The Flaming Lips in 1997.  For an internet publication that focuses on independent music and underrated bands, they’re pretty keen on publicity stunts and shifting to whatever’s ‘’hip’’ these days.  They praise style over substance, subjective criticism over objective analysis, an artist’s public persona and ‘’integrity’’ over his music, and articles filled with cheap sarcasm, snobbish remarks and dumb one liners over actual reviews. How this website managed to become so popular is beyond my knowledge.  

Oh, right. By giving favorable ratings only to certain acts in order to bolster its influence when said bands become popular.  Riiiiiight. And by removing old reviews from their website in order to keep up with the changing trends in music. And by being a bunch of boring, hypocritical farts that thrive on controversy, preach on what's ''cool''/''uncool'', and setting the stage for the next generation of hipsters. 

Great job, guys. Thousands of years after you turn into dust and your existence will be forgotten, our cyborg descendants will laugh their fucking asses off at the mere sight of a bas-relief showing a bunch of skinny 20-something losers tearing each other to pieces because they all like the same band.

April 9, 2013

An Autumn for Crippled Children - Only the Ocean Knows (2012)

Emotional and atmospheric post-black metal/shoegaze with banshee vocals, hypnotic drumming, sharp guitar riffs and some really cool synth work - An Autumn for Crippled Children have hit me right in the feels with this album. It's pretty much perfect and warrants thousands of repeated listens. 39 minutes of harsh sounds and pure bliss which will guide you through an amazing journey. I suppose it's somewhat similar to Austere, just with shorter songs and slightly dirtier vocals. Hipster black metal? For sure, but it sounds great and I have no trouble recommending this to everyone interested in this sort of music.

April 8, 2013

Merkaba - Ancient Relics (2012)

It's been a while since we've had some weird electronic music here and I've recently gotten way back into ambient, drone and psytrance thanks to the amazing Weed Temple blog, which you should all follow religiously. So, there's no putrid death metal or post-black-shoegaze music for today. Sorry, guys.

Instead, today is all about Merkaba, a mysterious electronic outfit from Australia who play some of the most insanely catchy and fascinating music I've ever heard. The tags from their bandcamp page read 'psytrance', 'progressive' and 'techno' and the music definitely sounds that way. You've got a weird mix of tribal atmospherics, futuristic sound effects, pulsating dance grooves and New Age-y feelings, along with some whispered female vocals. How does it all sound? AMAZING. It's trippy as hell but supremely danceable and it practically hypnotizes you into moving your head in time with the beat. The production is crystal clear and shiny and there's definitely some sick bass lines in here. Also, the songs are over 10 minutes long and constantly shift gears. Boredom be damned!

So what the hell are you still doing reading this? Shut off your blinds, turn on the disco ball and the neon lights, take off your socks, grab some glow sticks, crank the volume all the way to 11 and start blasting this while dancing furiously to all these delicious trance beats. THE TECHNOVIKING COMMANDS IT!

funny gifs

April 7, 2013

Edenbridge - Sunrise in Eden (2000)

If there ever was a genre to be called Indian Metal, this debut album from Austrian metalheads Edenbridge would rank as Nr.1, forever holding its own on a self-made throne of fire and ice, ruling over all mortals and crushing anything and anyone who may dare to fight it. And it does so with a unique blend of power metal arrangements, clear as an angel female vocals and some very eccentric yet clever use of folk instruments.

You see, I’m very picky when it comes to power metal, since many a band tend to overdo their songs just for the sake of pretentiousness. Sunrise in Eden, however, has none of these flaws. It has flow, magnitude, excellent soloing and keeps at all times a great sense of direction. You won’t find any bad songs here, just a very good mix of old-school-meets-new-school-metal delivery and that’s simply enough for me to come back to it and give it a spin once every few months.

I strongly recommend you should do the same.

April 6, 2013

Darkthrone - The Underground Resistance (2013)

I'm not entirely sure every item on my list of anticipated albums of 2013 will actually be released in 2013 - there's no info about the new Arctic Monkeys album :((( - but either way, the albums I was chomping at the bit for are slowly trickling down the pipe. February saw the release of Darkthrone's new album and, as always, people were praising it left and right. As per usual, I preferred to let the waters settle before digging in and having a feel for it myself.

It's not my favorite.

The Underground Resistance is yet another step on the Norwegian duo's own carved path of incorporating various influences into their music. The last years saw them infuse their music with punk-ish, Venom-ish, speed metal-ish vibes, and it was great. I loved the shit out of Circle the Wagons. This time around, Fenriz and Nocturno Culto went for a more traditional, heavy metal-inspired sound, bringing back fond memories of Manilla Road, Cirith Ungol and Bathory.


Unfortunately, memories alone were not enough to fight the utter boredom instilled by the second half of the album. While it starts out really promising, delivering some sweet dinosaur metal worship and plenty of clean vocals - Valkyrie is my favorite track by far - it gradually loses steam until the anti-climax called Leave No Cross Unturned hits you like a pillow thrown by an old man with its 13 minutes of boring, repetitive riffs that go absolutely nowhere. The disappointment that settled in my soul upon the ending of said track was akin to the one I felt that day I tried to be br00tal, but my mom didn't let me. The lack of any memorable riffs or any memorable anything, for that matter - except, again, for Valkyrie - is what will forever deter me from listening to this album ever again. There's simply nothing here to grab my attention.

And of course, I know. This is Darkthrone. These guys are living legends. You can't say anything bad about them, lest you anger the legions of trve metal warriors and get trampled under a thousand black combat boots for your insolence. With this in mind, I can agree that The Underground Resistance is an alright album, but it's definitely not the jewel of the crown.

Because of how dull it is.

*runs away*

April 5, 2013

HEÅVY LØAD "Death Or Glory" (1982)

HYARRRRR!!! Ayee moosle-waggers, here'sz Lorky Swizglaff with thiz wek's review. HÄILING from mye hoem country of SWEDZEN, these lads shure kñow how to play Killah Heavy Metal STEEL, EH?! With kracken titles of traxx lieks "THE GUITAR IS MY SWORD"!!!11 How cool is that, my cringin-swoosle-fellaz!? Or onë of my faves "Might for Right", which is somethang liek YOU HAVE TO BE STRONG TO BE RIGHT, nå??

Ther VOICE on this mammüt of an album just screemz "GET ME OUT OF HERE I WANT TO FIEGHT!!>!", and the axe-workery can chop down trees with riff of steel. Drums are also very GØØD, they are thunder in Stöekhölhm. Bass thunder also. Also the cöverr art yells of vengeäänce and snowy bear viking, me. The lads from this band dress of leopard and tight leather, great metall warrier if you ask meh, great metall warrier! 

Me öhn the right.

No comment, Greåt ålbum! Müst listen for all heavy steel tiger warrios, please where can I büy this on red vinyl with 7"? I search all of Müskelrockk, no found. Thiz ålbum makes me stronger, harder to beat in fight!

Finåll Rattengz: 10/10 axe of steel, thank you Heavy Loåd, you make muscles big and sound sistems loüd. Heavy loüd.

A TZEEEAC Interview: Justin Grind (Gore Obsessed, Surgical Infection)

1. Greetings, Justin! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview. You'll probably end up regretting it, though. What's up?
Haha! I hope I end up regretting it!
Thanks to you and the TZEEEAC blog for being interested enough in Gore Obsessed to do this interview. I just finished the new EP 'The Basement Tapes vol.2: Die When You Die!' it has 10 tracks, around 16min of shitty Punk/Gore/Grind. This release combines some new tracks, old tracks, a GG Allin cover, 2 Gore Obsessed versions of tracks from my 'Surgical Infection' project and 2 from my dead Crust/Punk project 'Razor Sharp Daggar'. The EP will be available as a free digital download from Torn Flesh Records in April.
2. You've released a buttload of EP's, albums and whatnot under the Gore Obsessed moniker and they're all pretty damn great. How do you manage to be so prolific?
No social life haha! I guess I have a clear enough idea of what I want Gore Obsessed tracks to sound like so writing tracks isn't that hard (it's not like the tracks are some serious technical prog stuff, which I'm not a fan of anyway)...so as long as the tracks are grinding punkish noise I'm happy.
I like to re-do some of the tracks I feel need a second or third shot to get them closer to they way I want or even just a better sound.

3. Tell us a bit about the creative process of writing new material. How do you find new ideas? How do you come up with new riffs and lyrics? 
Do you record everything in a bloody pit of horror? *wink wink*
Where I record is definitely a bloody pit of horror or you could call it a boneyard, maybe a morgue that isn't situated in Manchester and breakfast is never served.  
I sit down with my guitar and start messing with riffs and try to come up with something useful. After that I program the drums then the fun begins...time to watch some good old horror films for lyric inspiration haha!
4. I think the very first thing that pops out about your albums is the amazing cover art. Do you design everything yourself? If so, Where do you find all of those old-ass weird movie posters and shit? Have you taught yourself Photoshop on your own? I also enjoy creating stuff in Photoshop. We have so much in common!
Yeah I do all the design work myself. I taught myself Photoshop many years ago. On the upcoming EP and the 'Last Cannibal World' EP I sketched the cover art and added some Photoshop effects. I try to keep Gore Obsessed a one-man band in every aspect. I have an archive of high-res scans of old movie posters and screen captures which I've downloaded from various sites over the years, I also have a great book of old VHS cover art. I'm a big fan of the art as well as the actual movies. Hell yeah creating stuff in Photoshop is loads of fun! I've made so many Gore Obsessed cover and poster art that will never be used haha.

5. We already know you are a fan of Impetigo and GG Allin. What other bands and styles do you listen to? Are you living in a trailer camp listening to Anthrax all day?
If it’s raw, dirty, sleazy and noisy I’ll probably like it.
I'd be listening to Anthrax all day as long as it's the UK Anarcho-punk Anthrax! Believe it or not I'm not a fan of the US thrash Anthrax. I mostly listen to Grindcore, Death and Hardcore Punk. Along with GG and Impetigo my favourites are still Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and WASP. I like a lot of other random bands like Oxidised Razor, Murder Junkies, Antiseen, Zeke, Manilla Road, Venom, Fondlecorpse, Dead, Adolescents, Anal Cunt, AC/DC, Discharge, Minor Threat, Jungle Rot, Subhumans, Agathocles, Enemy Soil, Disrupters...and a lot of fellow 'young' bands that put out free digital music like myself. Recently I’ve really gotten into the Punk Rock band ‘Flat Tires’, their latest album ‘Freeborn’ is fucking killer!
I also have a deep love of Pathological Goregrind (medical/gore lyrics and gurgling vocals)...check out my other music project 'Surgical Infection'.
I love Haemorrhage, Dead Infection, Last Days of Humanity, Pathologist, Regurgitate, Lymphetic Phlegm and a fellow one-man band ‘Hydropneumothorax' done by a very cool dude and my brother in patho-goregrind.
6. Who's your favorite horror movie director, what is your favorite movie by him and why should everyone watch it too?
Only one?!
Well I'll go with Lucio Fulci, favourite is difficult. I'd have to say it's a tie between Zombi 2 (aka Zombie Flesh Eaters) which has some of the greatest zombies ever and loads of gore! And The New York Ripper, which is absolutely awesome! Sleazy, sick and more gore, it blends Italian Giallo and slasher graphic violence in a great brutal, sexual way...not forgetting the killer with a silly duck quacking voice. Those 2 are my personal favourites, they’re filled with so many great scenes that all gorehounds must see. I also need to mention Greg Lamberson's 'Slime City' and 'Slime City Massacre' I'm a HUGE fan of those movies...That'll be shown in an upcoming EP 'Return to Slime City'. If you’re into splatter horror, Street Trash or Troma films you’ll love Slime City!

7. What's the metal scene in Holland like? Last I heard, Melechesh had moved there, probably so they could smoke all the weed they want. Do you attend concerts and stuff?
The scene is good, except where I live haha! Centre of the country and there's no decent metal scene to speak of, then again I've only been living in the Netherlands for a few years. There's a nice small Death Fest close to where I live which has some great bands amongst loads of slam bands, I could do without the slam bands. The Netherlands has some killer goregrind bands which I'm a big fan of, Fondlecorpse, Last Days of Humanity, Stoma, Tumour, Rompeprop, Inhume and Hymen Holocaust. Haha! Yeah I'm sure that's the real reason Melechesh moved here. They’re a great band but I haven't had the chance to see them live yet. I attend a few concerts but not as much as I used to, public transport and trying to get back to my murder shack after a gig is almost impossible. The next live gig on my list is Pennywise haha! I’m not a big fan but they are a fun band live.
8. No need to play it cool, life is hard as an underground musician. What boring, shitty day job do you have when you're not out defiling graves at night?
I work as a freelance graphic & web designer, which helps with the Gore Obsessed cover design I guess. Aside from bands I’ve done split releases with, I tend to do more normal boring design work, the only bands I’ve had the pleasure of working with professionally is Cruachan and Primordial. I'm also in the process of starting up t-shirt printing so hopefully there'll be Gore Obsessed t-shirts in the near future.

9. What's next for Gore Obsessed? What does the future hold?
Well besides the upcoming EP and a planned Full-length, there's going to be a split with Agamenon Project, I’m finishing the tracks as I write this and will mix them later today. Ärthuälisson from Agamenon Project is taking care of the cover work which is sick and sexy, I love it haha! After that it'll be business as usual...more horror obsessed grind! I've got quite a few EPs planned and a few new tracks are already recorded and ready to be mixed. Hopefully there'll also be some pro CD-Rs, cassette tapes and T-shirts too. I’m also working on the upcoming Gore Blast release, which is a side-project I have with Eric from Blasphemation. Readers can check out our 4 track release at http://blasphemationmerch.bandcamp.com/
10. Thanks again for doing this interview. One last question: can TZEEEAC and Gore Obsessed become best friends forever? Also, if you have anything else you'd like to add, please feel free to do so. Cheers!
Hell Yeah! Gore Obsessed and TZEEEAC are total BFFs 4 eva! 
I'll tie you fuckers up in my basement and make sweet gruesome love to the remains of your rotting corpses.
Thanks to all the sicko's out there that support Gore Obsessed, I appreciate it and will murder you all as you sleep!