April 26, 2013


Well, I have descended to talk a little about heavy overlords Electric Wizard's popularity. They have stretched out riffs, some not quite good, some eerie vocals and occult themes.. kind of a deja vu when it comes to metal... But oh they are so awesome, not only for being the best at this shit, but for being the first to do this!

Don't get me wrong, I am an Electric Wizard fan and have been for quite some time, precisely, since I first listened to "Night Of The Shape" back in 2007 and was completely blown away, it was the creepiest shit I have ever heard. And yes, they might actually be the heaviest band I know, and that is something very admirable (No, I don't listen to Sunn O))), thank you very much ). But there's something that bothers me, Electric Wizard have a damn huge fanbase, tens of thousands of people know about EW only on facebook, and I'm cool with the fact that they are popular, but they're not THAT good, seriously. And the thing that bothers me is that most of their fans are silly stoners, that use them the same way we use Pornhub, because it pleasures us in that dirty, dirty way.

For example, "Dopethrone" and "Funerapolis" are EW's most popular songs, they're just an orgy of heavy riffs and whatnot, and both have over one milion views on Youtube, yet this band has waaaay better songs, that are more awesome riffs and creativeness, and less drone-doom-bass-420, but are leeeeesss popular. So it's pretty obvious which kind of fans are dominating here. Let's compare "Funeralopolis" to, say, "Come To The Sabbath" by Mercyful Fate, the latter one has almost as many views (give or take a couple of hundred thousand views, what) and is one of the best heavy metal songs in history, it has all sorts of cool shit, includin maestro King Diamond's amazing vocals, yet the Electric Wizard song is just there so that silly silly stoners can get their kicks... it's a damn shame.

Tl;Dr: No, it's not about the popularity and mainstream-ness, just about quantity of fans over quality of fans.


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y29i2ueNkeQ

    You really wanna go this way?! I can see your point. On the other hand, how dare you blaspheme Funeralopolis. Dat's my jaaaaam! To me most musicians have a pinnacle and then start sucking down the road. Electric Wizard could do the same thing and I wouldn't care because of Dopethrone. The greatness of that trumps any future shit now and forever. Now send me some of those bomb ass Euro chips I can't get in the US. I'm high and hongry as fuck.

    1. Funeralopolis is an awesome song, but overrated as fuck, but we'll send those chips your way if you send me candy corn. ALL OF IT, THE CANDY CORN

  2. Damn your impertinence! I shall send you KORN!


    Ya'll cray. Candy corn is way nasty.

  3. Last night, I hosted my second official party: Wizard101! I was happy to see so many Wizard101 attended the party, dedicated to polar bears.