November 16, 2012

Taddy Porter – Taddy Porter (2010)

Imagine cruising along the coast lines of Oahu at dawn in an expensive convertible. You have a powerhouse under the hood yet you resist going over 200 km/h because you’re not in a hurry to get home, even after pulling that all-nighter at your friends clubhouse. You’re feeling very relaxed and all of the sudden the local radio station starts playing this song.


Suffice to say you want to hear it again, but you don’t know how often it’s being featured, so for the next few days you keep your ear open in search for this particular show of talent. When you hear it for the second time it only seems to get better and it soon becomes obvious you don’t want to listen to anything else. Such a chill-out song….

Long story short, this is how I came to love this band and this album. Songs like the one I just featured are of those particular types that when you listen to them, you automatically know the rest of the album is sure to have the same quality. And with Taddy Porter, it just happens to be this way. ‘Whatever haunts you’ is a very fitting intro, setting the mood in such a way that you’re bound to repeat the song before actually moving on to the next one (curiously enough, the same feeling occurred to me more than once while I was giving this album its first spin).  There is no filler here. Tunes like ‘Big enough’, ‘Mean bitch’, ‘Fire in the streets’ or ‘King Louie’ do exactly what it’s asked of them: that is to get the blood pumping,  get the head banging and most importantly, get the replay button raped to death.

See what I mean? This band’s fresh take on old-school rock’n’roll is the necessary kick in the ass for others to get their heads together and start releasing some quality music.

This one gets a 10 from me, I just can’t fault it on any level. I hope you’ll feel the same way after auditioning.

P.S: Oh, and they named their band after a beer. How cool is that?


  1. 10 seconds in and I already know I'm gonna love this album. Thanks, Zulu!

    1. You're welcome, bro. Have a good listen.

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  3. Never heard of Taddy Porter before. In The Morning sounds amazing!

  4. Woah, this is fucking SWEET. Thanks, bro.