November 24, 2013

SHOW REVIEW: Void Forger / Drip of Lies (live @ Underworld Bucharest)

Well, it finally happened: I was at last present at a Void Forger show, the band in which our very own Volo plays drums and screams. Two weeks ago, I hopped on a bus to Bucharest with the sole purpose of attending this show and eat a cream mushroom soup at a local eatery. The eatery was full so I ended up at KFC instead, but luckily, I managed the incredible feat of telepathically finding Volo deep in the Bucharest subway system, holding his drums and a chicken sandwich. So it began...

The hours before the show were spent mostly on the street outside the venue, drinking cheap vodka and even cheaper wine (it came in a carton, just to give you a hint) until riding around on the street in some abandoned office chairs seemed like a terrific idea. There was even office chair jousting! Sometime around then, the guys from Drip of Lies also arrived in their tour van, so that was good. 

As time passed, the hours bent, and at around 10PM, Void Forger took the stage as the opening act, while I took my place front and to the right, just under Jay's guitar, so I could take in every distorted note he played. Yeah,  I was already pretty drunk at the time, but man, did they put out an awesome show! Tons of energy from all the band members, lots of feedback, lots of volume and, best of all, an assortment of old and brand new tracks. The new stuff sounds fucking incredible, to be quite frank. The doom is still there, the crusty attitude is still there, but now I could feel an additional sludge-bluesy vibe to Jay's guitar playing, so I'm definitely excited for them to hit the studio and record an album. Shoot for the stars, guys!!

Shortly thereafter, Drip of Lies started their set. I had listened to some of their stuff on Bandcamp before, so I was only vaguely familiar with their music, but their raw energy, excellent musical skills and anti-fascist message really did it for me last night, so I went crazy. Luckily, I wasn't the only one - people seemed to legitimately love the show and there was a lot of moshing going on. My favorite part was definitely the last song they played, called Heart & Mind, which began with a superb guitar intro and progressed into all-out sonic war - loved every minute of it! 

All in all, we all spent an enjoyable evening of noisy hardcore punk and drinking beer and various other alcoholic beverages, after which Volo and I crashed on our good buddy Radu's couch and had some delicious cheese pie. Great story! 

That drunken idiot in the white Mortal Torment shirt is, in fact, me, wandering like a retard on stage for no good reason. I'm sorry for everything.


  1. Awesome report from TZEEEAC and some pretty awesome music. Kudos to you guys for sharing some of the best music there is and for promoting proper bands.

    This confirms my suspicion that TZEEEAC is the best blog Romania has to offer ;)

  2. this review is lame