November 14, 2013

Culto de Uroboros

South Americans definetely know their metal. After Uaral and Mar de Grises, this is the third band to surprise me with a good mix of original songwritting and untamed riffs. The fact that they do so by taking a death metal aproach to things is also something to uphold, compared to the doom outfits I listed above.

What´s more interesting about Uroboros is that they´re a two man band, thus having to rely on only drums, guitars and vocals to make their point, but oh boy, do they manage to do knock it out of the park! Their songs are angry, their riffs - dirty as hell and they have just the right production to make their instruments sound as ´ugly´ as they can get, which speaks even more to the quality of their songs. 

They have two EP´s, which you can listen to in any order you like, as they basically form a fuller template more akin to a complete LP. Personally, I chose Herejía & Exilio first, as the more subdued and doomish outro (again, I´m a sucker for slower and more melacholic songs) fits very well before Misantropía & Blasfemia takes hold and pummels you deep into nephilim territory. 

All in all, Uroboros delivers a good forty one minutes of quality death metal, ocassionally mixed with some sludge/stoner/doom elements, because why the hell not! If it sounds good and make you want to headbang, then who am I to deny their right to do so?

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