November 24, 2013

BEASTMILK "Climax" (2013)

Finland's BEASTMILK destroyed everything I knew about post-punk when I got to hear their sold-out 2012 "Use Your Deluge" EP. Catchy, cold, refreshing, dead; All in one amazing and sharp release that everyone should hear, regardless of musical orientation. The thing with this band is that they're constantly one fart away from falling into hipster/indie punk, yet so far they've maintained a very unique sound, with the post-apocalyptic themes and all. When news broke out of the finns recording an LP I pooped everywhere in pure excitement. It was going to be damn good.

As it is with many albums I listen to for the first time (even some of my all-time favourites), my first time hearing it left me kind of confused. It was sort of a hit-and-miss. I was pretty clear that I had lost my feel ring and did not know what to feel about "Climax". After replaying it several times, it hit me: 1.There are some tracks here that really sound like a hipster's wet dream and 2.There are some tracks here that send me to the very depths of the post-nuclear wasteland. On one hand we have "Ghosts Out Of Focus" and "Strange Attractors", something that sounds like it was released by Robin And The Backstabbers, while on the other hand we have "Wind Blows Through Their Skulls", "Death Reflects Us", "Fear Your Mind" and one of my soon to be favourite tracks of 2013, "Genocidal Crush".

No doubt the weaker songs are the minority here, but that doesn't mean you can unhear them. Even with that, this album has amazing tunes that are going to stick with you for quite some time. Also, the cover art is pretty cool.


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