Marco’s trashcan-kicking-in-the-night-after-getting-drunk buddy. Shares Marco’s love for pasta, pizza, caneloni, lasagna and other disgusting Italian dishes. Some speculate that he might be Marco’s secret lover, though everybody is okay with that since they’re hilarious together. Enjoys death metal, electro, some indie rock bands and has a deep hatred for Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. He also coined the term ‘’Marco black metal’’, which is now widely used by NME and Pitchfork journalists, who struggle to be as cool as Chester.


Sleazy Italian. Tony Soprano impersonator. Garbage arsonist. Enjoys indie and stoner rock, all of Josh Homme’s bands and obscure hip-hop. Doesn’t eat chips. Usually found in bars, drinking beer and arguing loudly about TV shows and music. He owns a Muse CD, of which he is not proud. Co-founded TZEEEAC together with Chester one lazy March afternoon and it's been non-stop partying and drinking ever since.


Jonathan is TZEEEAC’s designated specialist in progressive rock, obscure post-rock acts and beer. Prefers to be called "Master" and has a creepy tendency to address readers as "minions" in his articles. Other than that, not much is known about him, so we just assume he’s Batman. A silent guardian. A watchful protector.  


Daniel Witchfinder is pretty much the coolest dude we know. He loves traditional heavy and doom metal, almost exclusively watches cult horror movies and cartoons, has a D.R.I. snap-back hat, Tony Iommi is his best friend, gobbles down pizza and soda on the reg and has a weird hatred for Monster Energy Drink. He’s an 80s kid at heart, which probably explains why the first time we met him he was naked and coming out from behind some trash cans. 


Volo is our resident expert in all things hardcore and he's an endless well of emotional punk band recommendations. He's also the drummer for the crusty doom metal band Void Forger, a talented graphic artist (see his stuff here), an aspiring soy bean cook, future concert promoter and an all-around great dude. He's connected up the ass in the Romanian underground-DIY hardcore scene and he wants to perform in a "true" emo band. When he grows up, he wants to attend Touche Amore and Deafheaven concerts all around Europe. Until then, he's stuck writing reviews for us and pleasing his corporate clients. Whoops, did we just blow his entire punk credibility? Sorry, bro!


Thomas is the radest old dude we know. He’s young at heart, but doesn’t want to admit it. He is deep inside the Austrian punk scene, he’s basically been there when punk was punk and metal was metal, so he’ll be covering that type of stuff. He also runs Create and Destroy Press and he has done artworks for bands such as Planks, Neurosis and Saint Vitus to name a few. 


Marco's high school desk mate. Pitchfork aficionado. TZEEEAC fan turned member overnight. Usually found at home, browsing the internet for obscure music to complain about. Infectious laugh and kleptomaniac tendencies. Cool bro, 10/10 would husband.

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