TZEEEAC is a sleazy independent music webzine run by a bunch of sweet bros from Eastern Europe. We piss away our days drinking beer and listening to a vomitload of music, about which we then write here. We mostly write about horrible metal music and emotional indie rock bands and we like to pester our favorite obscure bands with dumb questions, so there are plenty of interviews here, too. We also used to do a podcast.

TZEEEAC aims to be a laid-back place where you can read about our favorite bands and albums and get recommendations for great music from the global underground (and even some mainstream stuff, too!). We like to keep it pretty chill, so you won't find any bullshit, arrogant, know-it-all attitudes around here. And if you do, it's ironic and you didn't get it because you're stupid.

If you want to get in touch with us, you can do so on Facebook and Twitter:

We also have a retarded Tumblr page where our shady associate Gherasim posts pictures of butts:

Band submissions, press releases and other official stuff goes here: tzeeeac [@] yahoo [.] com.

That's about it! Have fun, support your favorite artists and listen to tons of music. It's good for you!



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