November 15, 2013

Proiectul Tivodar - The Works

A little while ago I attended an anniversary concert of an up and coming romanian band founded by a couple of fellows that I´ve known for quite a while now. Yes, you can say this was supposed to be a show review, but it´s not going to be. The reason is simple, though: what they play is not the kind of music that you can describe accurately, since it relies heavily on a personal approach, the energy (or the calmness) that applies on stage and the crowd interaction being just a few of the decisive factors that make their tunes ´click´ for any listener; classic definition of the ´felt rather than heard´ music.

Their roots are in romanian folk, however the current lineup takes things to another level. While still retaining the basic underlying of the genre, the band has shifted away towards acoustic/progressive rock territory, and dare I say this is one case where I´m not throwing that last word around aimlessly. Comprised of six members which run a gammut of instruments (two acoustic guitars, two violins, two electric guitars, drums, shared vocals), the need for complexity here is not just for show, as every song is carefully engineered to emanate a particular feeling, tools being switched on the fly according to any given particulars.

So, in order to avoid the case of over the top subjectivity, I´m going to let the music speak for itself; here´s a small taste of how they sound like, if any of the above words have piqued your interest (with the note that unfortunately, this is the only video that is correctly portraying the full force of the current six piece line up; you can always scour around for more if you feel the sudden urge to discover the history of the band):

P.S: They are currently running a crowd funding event for the release of their first LP; for anyone interested to contribute, here be the link:

We Are Here - Proiectul Tivodar

The page is in romanian, but if any of you foreigners to our language wish to know exactly what you´re getting for your money, you can always contact them on their band page to ask for more info.

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