November 10, 2013

ENFORCER "Death By Fire" (2013)

Everything amazing is happening in Sweden.

I am a long time Enforcer fan, and I consider their 2010 LP, "Diamonds" (which I happily own on vinyl) to be a very strong and ripping heavy metal album without looking like a shitty retro-wannabe band (a.k.a White Wizzard). When news hit of the new Enforcer album I was very glad, but got to be pretty dissapointed when I saw that the band had changed their lyrical themes from gambling, Jappanese culture and adrenaline to more occult and satanic stuff, as that was not the Enforcer I knew and loved.

Yet somehow, "Death By Fire" managed to top off "Diamonds", be extremely catchy, fast and well-written and earn its place as one of the best albums of the year. Simple as that. The guitar riffs are even better on this one, and the choruses are just pure gold. How can a freaking instrumental track ("Crystal Suite") become one of the best things on this album? and that's saying a lot. EVERY SINGLE TRACK (except for the last one) pack an amazing punch and are just perfect swedish heavy metal. 

The single off of this LP, "Mesmerized By Fire", has gotten its own music video which is beautifully constructed and filmed. I hope they make it big enough to tour Romania, yet small enough to not be like Ghost. I do not want to see any Enforcer-brand butt plugs. :^)


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