October 29, 2013

Aviators - Mirrors (2013)

Hey, remember our motto? TZEEEAC - a blog about death metal, indie rock and junk food. Well, as you might have already noticed, that doesn't reflect the reality anymore because we've covered basically every genre possible.

Except maybe progressive/alternative/whatever pop that sounds really good, is not mainstream by any stretch of the imagination and contains some actual fucking lyrics. Long ass lyrics. But who am I talking about, you might ask. Read the title, you lazy bum.

Aviators is actually just one dude sitting in his studio composing feel-good, diabetes-inducing sweet electro-pop music, presumably in his off-time from taming unicorns and hanging out with the Carebears. I've never felt so fuzzy inside, except maybe the time when I chocked on cotton candy, which was really painful. Anyway, the electro part aka the actual music is tight and very well produced - the synths and sampling are great, and the pacing and overall structure of the songs couldn't be better. It never felt forced or stretched, and every electronica song that surpasses 4 minutes in length should know when's the right moment to stop, otherwise it gets boring and I hate being bored, because weird stuff starts happening to my body.

Album of the year. For now. Lets just see what happens next.


  1. This reminds me. Where's the junk food, you bastards?!