October 9, 2013

'Club A Trophy' - A micro review of a very short evening

I don't think I've attended a smaller show.

Oh wait, I think I did. It was a couple of years ago, in a far away city from my hometown, where some friends played in a godforsaken pub for a crowd of about twenty people. It was cold, I hadn't slept in two days and I drank only a cup of mulled wine, because believe it or not, there'd be some driving involved later afterwards.

Anyways, let's get back to this show, because it was a bit bigger. Let's assume a peak of fifty people, but I never was any good at counting. 

First band to get on the stage were the ladies (and mister) from Truverii, a group that specializes in medieval songs. They were very good and I'm glad to have the chance to listen to them live, as a well deserved break from all the metal distorsions I slam away from my home speakers. More so, I think they even played the song which inspired Eluveitie to write Inis Mona. Catchy fellows, might want to hear them again if possible.
Next up were the lads from New Age. You might remember them from my latest and most awesomest show review I wrote not too long ago. This was not the proper crowd to mosh to, however (aside from a couple of eager enthusiasts), so I laid low and enjoyed the music; happy to report that vox and bass were on par with the rest of the instruments this time (in terms of volume). 

Also, chick bass players will probably remain the coolest thing ever invented in the history of rock n' roll.
New Age
Ain't this image just beautiful, huh? 

Next up to close the evening was the somewhat new band (I believe that less than I year in this formula would peg them this way) going by the name of Sticks N' Stones (I haven't been able to find a contact page for them) and, just as you'd probably figured by now, there couldn't be a girl missing. Here be them.
Sticks N' Stones
Their type of music didn't appeal to me, as the focus was mainly on alternative. However, I have to give them props for covering 'Killing in the Name' and 'Paradise City' as a show ending and doing a rather fine job of it. I would suggest they leave away the silly alternative outfit and practice on some heavier stuff, because they clearly have the chops.

And that's about it with the 'trophy' evening (I did say it was a micro review, didn't I?). I had one more beer  after which myself and the mighty Haos Abbath from New Age went back to our individual cribs and called it a night.

P.S: At some point, the show herald said something along the lines of "This is THE ONLY rock festival where bands are allowed to play their own music for a full THIRTY MINUTES set!"

I think I loled pretty hard there, but I was graceful enough not to show it.

Rock on!

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