October 9, 2013

Zaz - ZAZ (2010)

Isabelle Geffroy launched her debut album in 2010 and managed to obtain significant attention through songs like ''Je veux''. The self-titled album is composed of 11 songs, which add up to roughly 38 minutes of magically woven lyrics and beautiful instrumentation. Being one of the first 100 % French albums that I've listened to, it is easy to see how one can get addicted to such creations: and easy-going flow of emotions and slick rhythms.

The album starts off with quite a pleasant atmosphere with songs like "Les Passant" , "Je veux" and "Le Long De la Route” . The themes behind these songs are quite different from the latter part of the album, it is as if she tries to take the good upfront, together with whatever she "demands" from her lover( In the song "Je veux" she rejects material offerings and substitutes them with her thirst for love, humor, things which are the real reasons behind happiness) .

The second thematical area of the album starts with the song "Prends Garde A Ta Langue” , song which gives off an eerie Las Vegas -esque tone: a song about her trying to protect someone or something from the perils of life (while it is blindly following the bait), ultimately it is revealed that although her efforts were valiant, the world managed to get whatever she was so preciously caressing through her actions. We then see the invasion of the Ella Fitzgerald influences, paired with the bizarre presence of Edith Piaf sounding vocals in songs like "Ni ou ni ou" , "Dans ma rue".

In the end it is an album filled with numerous scenarios that demonstrate what her feelings, are, were, and will become whilst continuing through her life. Throughout it you'd expect Eugene from Gogol Bordello to jump out and turn it into a duet, or maybe that's just me.

Final mark: 7/10, I now like French jazz.

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