October 26, 2012

Eyes and Teeth - MIND CONTROL (2012)

So, uh, this thing came in the mail about a month ago. I've been putting off writing about it, but I feel like a total jerk and decided to JUST DO IT.

The reason why I've been having a hard time with this is because it's really difficult trying to describe this music. I'm not the most versed electronica-fan in the world, so this is just impossible for me. Anyway, Eyes and Teeth is the musical alter-ego of Matthew Jaworski. The music is some sort of weird, schizofrenic electronic mash-up of a buttload of different sounds, beats and vocal samples that doesn't really ever go anywhere. It's just sort of... there. It's like every song on this album is a microcosmos which you observe under the microscope. Every song is different than the last, yet they're somehow related. Warped out vocals move alongside keyboard notes and simple beats and nothing makes sense. It all sounds like a nightmarish fever dream - you know, the awful ones when you dream the same thing over and over again throughout the night.

The closest musical comparison I can make is the general idea of PUSSIUSIC - only without the pornographic samples - mixed with the paranoid dementia of Gigantic Brain. Except Eyes and Teeth doesn't deal with alien genocide and there is no hyperblasting to be found.

That's it, I'm done. I'm sorry, Matthew, but I don't know what else to say. I am so out of my element, it's crazy. Maybe this was the whole point - to confront me with something unimaginable, like some twisted musical version of Saw. If this is the case, then kudos to you. I feel lost and confused. Thanks for being a bro and for reading our blog, though.



  1. Satan Loves You. He just told me. Said, 'Young Man Tzeeac number one awesome warrior for Beelzebub. Him know the score.'
    I bet you didn't know ol' Lucifer talked like a Japanese American Indian Yoda.