October 8, 2012

Mononofu - Light of Sunset Seen from Kozuki Castle (2008)

I was on my way to taking a bath when I stumbled over this band on my morning walk through the magical internets forest. Mononofu hail from Japan and they play what they call ”samurai metal”. Samurais are one of the most metal people ever, so it makes total sense to play samurai metal. The music is actually a pretty coarse thrashing death metal with quite a few catchy hooks and raspy vocals, singing about castles and Asian warlords and shit. Not bad at all, but their live presence is fucking awesome. They all wear full samurai armor on stage, complete with swords, and they've each taken on a fictional samurai persona, to better reflect their music.

Hell, after pirate metal, baby metal, alien metal, Sasquatch metal and all other sorts of crazy, gimmicky shit I've listened to, I'm more than ready to welcome samurai metal into my life.

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