October 15, 2012

Atomship – The Crash of ’47 (2004)

Since the more known bands that I listen to and have released albums this year simply refuse to bring something new/fresh to the table (Swallow The Sun’s borefest titled ‘Emerald Forest and the Blackbird’, Katatonia’s snoozefest that is ‘Dead End Kings’, As I Lay Dying’s genericfest unsubtly named ‘Awakeked’ and let’s not forget Epica’s overtlygentlefest ‘Requiem for the indifferent’ – really ALL OF YOU GUYS, you think you could spend a few more minutes smoking that joint before you reach the cliché box and apply one as the name of your album?) I am forced yet again to dig deep into the cookie jar to find a sweet that stood the test of time and still looks and feels the same (and sometimes better) than when it was released.

Awesome cover art aside, what Atomship play on this record is a perfect blend of alternative, experimental and progressive music (hey, Wikipedia says the same, that must mean I’m learning to distinguish genres! ) and their lyrics speak of death, loss, being stabbed with pencils, shallow people, aliens, alleged car accidents, post-breakup suicidal tendencies, serial killer wannabes, oppressive governments, secret agents and let’s not forget, some big-ass japonese monsters! Yup, these guys have it all, along with the chops to sustain it, all packed up in 50 minutes of the most refreshing take on modern metal this side of the new millennium.

I like all the tracks on this record, and while some of the time it may not take itself seriously (no, really!), it’s this fact alone that makes me slide along some of its inconsistencies (such as the awkward placing of the second track, which should clearly stand at the end of the album) and enjoy this release every single damn time, without exception.

Chester, be warned, even you might like this record! Hear for yourself:

Ugh, I wanted to post Mothra, but it seems the song has been blocked for audition in Romania, as most of the original tracks (Just so you know, the current name of the band is Watership Down, so the rest of the youtube postings are still correct).

Pros: massive drumming, crazy-good type of lyrics, unique vocal delivery, again big-ass japonese monsters!

Cons: whatever I (or you) can think of, they’re just nitpicks.

Highlights: Mothra, Dragonfly, Aliens

Rating: 9.5

Track List

1. Day Of Daze
2. Mothra   
3. Dragonfly
4. Pencil Fight
5. Withered
6. Agent Orange
7. Time for People
8. Aliens
9. Whitfield
10. Friends
11. Plastic People


  1. The song you posted didn't really sell me, but I'll give this album a shot just because I like you.

    1. I don't know what crazy legal shit they're into with youtube and such, but I trust you're resourceful enough to find the proper dough. And hey, you're free not to be sold at all, I got myself an escape route for inserting that 'might' in the paragraph XD