October 7, 2012

Pulse Ultra – Headspace (2002)

So, today I’ll stress you out with yet another obscure recommendation, one that I’ve referenced in my Starborn Tome I review. Basically, what we’re dealing here is a standard issue Dominic Cifarelli release from back in the days when metal was still appropriate, rocking out loud was the ‘thang’ to do and little children such as myself were easily influenceable and rapidly influenced.

Some call it nu-metal or whatever. I wouldn’t know, since my list of music to listen to often refers to what you may call ‘thinking man’s music’. For me, this album is just this, however apparently mainstream  it may look and sound (and it’s not, since the single didn’t even hit 100k views on youtube, many of those due in large part to the song being included in a Need For Speed soundtrack).

For me, the main appeal that this album has comes in the form of the subtle progressive touches added here and there, especially present in the first two songs (and I often imagine what the record would have sounded like if it were to pursue that path). More so, every song has ‘hooks’, carefully constructed to draw you in what appears to be a radio-friendly album. While I applaud the idea, it is this unique feature that probably led to poor sales and the band to dismantle. Too bad, I would have loved a second take on this.

So what are we left with? 

Chops? Check, all the way through. Ideas? Check, and well implemented. Songwriting? Hell yes, more than you could imagine. Traditional verse-chorus structure? Surprisingly, yes, but it doesn’t detract from the bigger picture. Jazzy interludes? Check that too, it’s a tripped out little album. Strong starters and closers? An even bigger hell yes! Just listen, I think one could agree.

P.S: You may not like the album. Actually, you may hate it completely. The vocals may turn you off and on occasion the simplicity of the lyrics will do the same. But you can’t deny that, even with these possible subjective flaws, the album has value. Because if it didn’t, I wouldn’t still be listening to it after so many years.


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