October 29, 2012

Haiduk - Spellbook (2012)

Starting your day with some great metal is always nice, and it's even nicer when said metal comes directly into your email inbox. That's right, this is another music submission, this time from Haiduk, a solo-project of Luka Milojika from Calgary, Canada.

Haiduk's specialty is super fast, shred-intensive death/thrash metal and there's a metric fuckton of that to be found on his debut album, Spellbook. Each of the album's 10 songs is a blistering storm of raw thrashing death metal that practically begs you to headbang until you pass out from exaustion. The album just blasts off with no atmospheric keyboard intros or whatever - it's straight up thrashing from the get-go and it doesn't take any breaks. Luka's guitar skills are impressive indeed, as he shreds away and creates whirlwinds of sweet, sharp riffs that could be used to strip paint off of decomissioned tanks. As good as the guitar parts are, though, what the album lacks in is drumming and vocals. The drumming bit is somewhat understandable - drum machines aren't notorious for sounding realistic - but the lack of vocals stumps me, because this guy's got a pretty nice growl. Why he decided to use it so scarcely remains a mistery.

All in all, Spellbook sounds like a technical demo to display a guitarist's proficiency. Right now, Haiduk doesn't have what it takes to become a name that makes people cower in fear. I would be very interested to see him recruit and form a proper band around him, with a real drummer and a hulking beast of a vocalist, to give the music the push it needs and help it reach its true potential. Spellbook is a diamond in the rough but, with the right craftsmen, I think it could turn into a pretty kickass band. This doesn't mean I haven't been listening to it every day for the past week, though. It's pretty addictive.


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