October 21, 2013

MOTORACT & NEUTRON @Ageless Club Bucharest

I don't even know how to write this review without sounding overtly smug or pretentious. Or both. Not because the music wasn't good, but the general atmosphere in the club was so out of this world, I felt like I was watching the newest rendition of Superman. 

At first, I thought about going for a 'concert notes' type of overview, but that would end up sounding quite emotionless; balance is what I'm striving for in all conditions. So, putting all chatter away, let's present the bands.

Openers Motoract are a tribute band which cover, well, as the poster says, songs played by Motorhead. While I'm not a big fan of tribute bands, I didn't have any overreaching expectations, but after seeing Domination about a month ago live and having a blast, I realize that no matter what they play, if a band plays good, they should get recognition. With regards to their sound, again I'm not really the best person to ask, because aside from the occasional Motorhead song pouring from the speakers at parties and the live show I've seen last year at OST Fest in Bucharest, I'm rather oblivious to the band. But, as bass player Dragos from Neutron told me, Motoract are pretty on par with the originals, so I'll have to take his word for granted. See for yourself (although the recording is weak, it should give you and idea).

The second band for the evening where the guys from Neutron, a name originally founded in 1989 and reformed in 2012 with a fresh line up (which still retains one of the original founding members). Their sound is an unique mix of heavy, trash and power influences which all blend alongside long compositions that would put them, by modern acceptance, in the progressive bucket (although I dare stress once more how progressive music should be looked at).

A truly fearless live performance that at times reminded me of the romanian band M.S. (mostly due to Vlad's vocals), the lads didn't shy away from putting up some great songs for us to enjoy. What they also don't shy away from is worshipping the allmighty God of Riff!

Lastly, let me put up a few lines about what this gig had (or lacked), in no particular order:

- What's with the price? Not even 3 euros for a full show? Don't sell yourselves short guys, because you ain't gonna live forever. 
- Cleanliness. I don't know if this is a plus or not: clean club, clean floor (well, most of the time), clean leather&lace outfits. I guess I'm getting used to muddy outdoors fests, but this felt rather strange. 
- Too many cameras!
- Tables? And chairs? In my rock'n'roll concert? I'm weeping elephant tears here...
- Last but not less important, where was the damn crowd?!? Here I thought it was mandatory to have at least twenty people in front of the stage, and it seems like a big chunk of them were there only for Motoract. Shame on you fellas, it was a fine saturday evening, why leave so early?

Anyways, many thanks for both bands for putting up a great show (and to Teo and Dragos from Neutron for providing the invite) and good luck with bigger venues, bigger speakers and most importantly, a vastly increasing amount of groupies. 

Cheers from Tzeeac-nation!

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