October 3, 2013

Converge - Jane Doe (2001)

After seeing Napalm Death live during the Rockstadt Extreme Fest trip in which I´ve met with Chester and Gherasim, I remember thinking (and maybe saying so out loud, though I can´t be exactly be sure of any memory that´s older than a day´s worth), I remember thinking “Hey, these guys are probably the noisiest band on earth. You can´t understand anything from what they´re playing, yet from behind all this cacophony of sounds you can relate to the passion that spawned the music”.

Such is the case with ´Jane Doe´ from american axe players ´Converge´; it´s built upon layers and layers of metal, hardcore, punk, grind and mathcore, all compressed and condensed in a run time of just a little past the fourty five minute mark, that sometimes feels as double its worth.

It´s raw, emotional and at the same time deeply unnerving on a personal level. For me, ´Jane Doe´ is one of the albums that make me avoid looking up any other songs from the band, from fear I might be dissapointed with the find. In layman´s terms, I don´t think it can get any better.

Cheers to you, unknown one...

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