October 5, 2013

Drake - Nothing was the same (2013)

Young Money

Perhaps this review won't be everyone's cup of tea: a pretty much hated artist , namely Aubrey Drake Graham, partly due to his entourage and collaborations. I will defend myself by saying that simply refusing to accept an artist because he has made some questionable choices(a lot of them hehe) is a bit ignorant and so we continue to this: Nothing was the same.

Basically, the album's name is just perfect, the wave of new fans that came with releases from the album( Started from the bottom) made it an absolute effigy of awesomeness. His sometimes monotone flow matches the beats in such a beautiful way that his past productions seem forgotten, as the young gun manages to bluntly shut the door through which people yell unappreciative sentences at him.

Such art.

He bounces through countless attitudes exposed throughout the album, managing to show that this is the real deal, the Drake that people knew as a small time rapper has made it big: hanging  with Jay Z, Kanye West, having his songs played in numerous videos, amateur and professional alike. Aubrey managed to break into a new level of rap by proving that his work isn't limited to aggressiveness and soft-heartedness but also to a philosophical nature, the album becoming an eclectic mix of feelings.

Jay's shirt is trilla.

The few special mentions that I have (song-wise) are as follows: "Started from the bottom" (pure trap drums combined with a melancholic beat, an epic example of "HEY IM STILL GANGSTA"), "All Me" (the direct message :don't hate bro, I made myself), "WuTang Forever" (Humble tribute to the gods of Hiphop, plus the bonus of RZA throwing in  "It's Yours" throughout the song) and finally "Hold on, We're going home" - a beautiful example of his pop-singing capabilities, he made a song that just proves that he is indeed a great singer.

Final mark: 8/10 , Drake can sing at my wedding.

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