November 30, 2012

Between the Buried and Me – The Parallax II: Future Sequence (2012)

Once upon a time there was
A music blog born from the stars
That treated music with fair game,
Yet treated readers with no shame.

And thus they wrote, ‘bout this and that
‘Bout junk food and some indie stuff,
They spoke the truth of deathly rants
And kept the light on in the dark.

Amidst all this there came a man
To enter as a joyful fan
Of music, and its countless faults
Within the world of music folks.

He chose to write of great LP’s,
Of doubtful acts with strong EP’s,
And thus present them to the world
As straight A’s albums, truth be told.

But then out of the blue he thought
‘Why not review something that’s not
So damn obscure?’, and for a change
To try his hand at fortune/fame.

And so he chose to speak of new,
Of BTBAM’s latest attempt
At rocking prog with sci-fi hooks
To keep the listener in loops.

For hours on he sat alone
Absorbing sounds of truth galore
And kept his ears and mind awake
For music there to sink, then sore.

He tried to find meaning behind
The mindless riffs and off-tuned chords
While in the background neurons died
From lack of bashing on them toms.

There were some glimpses of cool thoughts,
Some fleeting hints of genie minds,
Yet for the most part it all felt
Like jumbled notes thrown in a box.

He got so mad he almost screamed
Because these guys have talent, still
But never does this album feel
Like music written from the heart.

And so our cvlt reviewer chose
To go back to the days of old,
Back to the days of Mordecai
And Shevanel taking the hold.

And you, the readers, keep in mind
That not all new is good and gold
And while this year did have its share,
This Parallax won’t rock your boat.


  1. Replies
    1. It's one of those albums that leaves the impression that it could be great, yet it comes out like a big old garbled mess of ideas. Somewhat like Opeth's Heritage.

      Oh and let's not forget, there's a limit to how many minutes of girly clean vocals can be included in a BTBAM album, and this one definitely crossed over to the other side.

    2. Hehe, my opinion is totally different; The Parallax II it's my favorite BTBAM album, while the highly acclaimed Colors is on the third or forth place. To be honest I don't mind the 'girly clean vocals', but hey, you're talking with a fan of Opeth's Heritage, so...

    3. We seem to be at different ends. With regards to BTBAM, I always go for The Silent Circus, while with Opeth I choose Morningrise (coincidentally, they're both sophomore releases).

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as always.