November 8, 2012

Phobia - Remnants of Filth (2012)

While we're at it, I also need to say that Phobia's latest album is fucking killer. Trucking on since the early 90s, Phobia plays straight-up, vicious, fast-as-fuck, socio-politically charged crusty grindcore, sounding similar to bands like Magrudergrind, Wormrot, Insect Warfare or Gridlink (with which they share a guitarist).

So if you're familiar with any of those bands, there's really no need for me to parrot on and on about how awesome the music is and how it feels like being eaten alive by wolves high on crystal meth. Instead, here's video footage of a full live set they did earlier this year. All you can hear is RARARARARARARARARA, but trust me, it's good.

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