April 13, 2013

Mother Unit - Brain Massage (2010)

Yet another space rock/progressive/psychedelic/whatever album brought to you from the depths of the almighty internets, courtesy of Tzeeeac members delving deep into the underground and searching for quality releases for you minions to listen.

Denying the use of vocals, Mother Unit leaves the music to speak for itself and I’m glad they didn’t choose to overcomplicate things. While they bring nothing new to the table, I found this LP to be more relaxing than ever. For you who enjoy comparisons, Brain Massage sometimes felt strangely related to Ufomammut, although there are no 'visible' similarities between their music. I don't know, maybe it's the electronica underlinings that reminded me of the dubious vocal effects Ufomammut treat their albums with, or maybe just not.

The last track, From The Source - Into The Mind, is the one that grabbed my attention initially, being a little off-key compared to the rest of the album, focusing more on the groove side than anything else. It's trippy, chilled out and somewhat instantly gratifying. 

But enough of my ramblings. I'll just link to the first track and you can take it from there.

P.S: This review was brought to you by a wireless network connection aptly titled 'Your Mother' and written during an ad-hoc filming session in a local pub. How cool am I?

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