April 29, 2013

Lostprophets - Start Something (2004)

Delving once more into the alterno/nu-metal/screamo/whatever bucket of obscure records I listen to almost on a daily basis (but wait, we’re talking about Lostprophets, so I guess they’re not that obscure after all!), I bring you this sophomore effort of this welsh band, meant for tearing up t-shirts, painting your dog pink, drinking expired milk and wearing your grandma's underpants while you’re running down the street screaming “We are Godzilla, you are Japaaaaaaan!!!”

Basically, this is a very energetic album with the obligatory ballad thrown in here and there and a very cool instrumental outro, but that’s just about it; yet somehow I feel compelled to recommend this to anyone, since it contains songs that remind me of the times when I was a kinder and all I did was sit around playing Need For Speed all day. 

So yeah, for those moments ‘Start Something’ packs a great punch, but if you’re looking for more complicated music, you might as well check out my death-by-doom reviews or whatever. In the meantime, I am Godzilla and you are Japaaaaaaaaan!!!

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