April 5, 2013

A TZEEEAC Interview: Justin Grind (Gore Obsessed, Surgical Infection)

1. Greetings, Justin! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview. You'll probably end up regretting it, though. What's up?
Haha! I hope I end up regretting it!
Thanks to you and the TZEEEAC blog for being interested enough in Gore Obsessed to do this interview. I just finished the new EP 'The Basement Tapes vol.2: Die When You Die!' it has 10 tracks, around 16min of shitty Punk/Gore/Grind. This release combines some new tracks, old tracks, a GG Allin cover, 2 Gore Obsessed versions of tracks from my 'Surgical Infection' project and 2 from my dead Crust/Punk project 'Razor Sharp Daggar'. The EP will be available as a free digital download from Torn Flesh Records in April.
2. You've released a buttload of EP's, albums and whatnot under the Gore Obsessed moniker and they're all pretty damn great. How do you manage to be so prolific?
No social life haha! I guess I have a clear enough idea of what I want Gore Obsessed tracks to sound like so writing tracks isn't that hard (it's not like the tracks are some serious technical prog stuff, which I'm not a fan of anyway)...so as long as the tracks are grinding punkish noise I'm happy.
I like to re-do some of the tracks I feel need a second or third shot to get them closer to they way I want or even just a better sound.

3. Tell us a bit about the creative process of writing new material. How do you find new ideas? How do you come up with new riffs and lyrics? 
Do you record everything in a bloody pit of horror? *wink wink*
Where I record is definitely a bloody pit of horror or you could call it a boneyard, maybe a morgue that isn't situated in Manchester and breakfast is never served.  
I sit down with my guitar and start messing with riffs and try to come up with something useful. After that I program the drums then the fun begins...time to watch some good old horror films for lyric inspiration haha!
4. I think the very first thing that pops out about your albums is the amazing cover art. Do you design everything yourself? If so, Where do you find all of those old-ass weird movie posters and shit? Have you taught yourself Photoshop on your own? I also enjoy creating stuff in Photoshop. We have so much in common!
Yeah I do all the design work myself. I taught myself Photoshop many years ago. On the upcoming EP and the 'Last Cannibal World' EP I sketched the cover art and added some Photoshop effects. I try to keep Gore Obsessed a one-man band in every aspect. I have an archive of high-res scans of old movie posters and screen captures which I've downloaded from various sites over the years, I also have a great book of old VHS cover art. I'm a big fan of the art as well as the actual movies. Hell yeah creating stuff in Photoshop is loads of fun! I've made so many Gore Obsessed cover and poster art that will never be used haha.

5. We already know you are a fan of Impetigo and GG Allin. What other bands and styles do you listen to? Are you living in a trailer camp listening to Anthrax all day?
If it’s raw, dirty, sleazy and noisy I’ll probably like it.
I'd be listening to Anthrax all day as long as it's the UK Anarcho-punk Anthrax! Believe it or not I'm not a fan of the US thrash Anthrax. I mostly listen to Grindcore, Death and Hardcore Punk. Along with GG and Impetigo my favourites are still Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and WASP. I like a lot of other random bands like Oxidised Razor, Murder Junkies, Antiseen, Zeke, Manilla Road, Venom, Fondlecorpse, Dead, Adolescents, Anal Cunt, AC/DC, Discharge, Minor Threat, Jungle Rot, Subhumans, Agathocles, Enemy Soil, Disrupters...and a lot of fellow 'young' bands that put out free digital music like myself. Recently I’ve really gotten into the Punk Rock band ‘Flat Tires’, their latest album ‘Freeborn’ is fucking killer!
I also have a deep love of Pathological Goregrind (medical/gore lyrics and gurgling vocals)...check out my other music project 'Surgical Infection'.
I love Haemorrhage, Dead Infection, Last Days of Humanity, Pathologist, Regurgitate, Lymphetic Phlegm and a fellow one-man band ‘Hydropneumothorax' done by a very cool dude and my brother in patho-goregrind.
6. Who's your favorite horror movie director, what is your favorite movie by him and why should everyone watch it too?
Only one?!
Well I'll go with Lucio Fulci, favourite is difficult. I'd have to say it's a tie between Zombi 2 (aka Zombie Flesh Eaters) which has some of the greatest zombies ever and loads of gore! And The New York Ripper, which is absolutely awesome! Sleazy, sick and more gore, it blends Italian Giallo and slasher graphic violence in a great brutal, sexual way...not forgetting the killer with a silly duck quacking voice. Those 2 are my personal favourites, they’re filled with so many great scenes that all gorehounds must see. I also need to mention Greg Lamberson's 'Slime City' and 'Slime City Massacre' I'm a HUGE fan of those movies...That'll be shown in an upcoming EP 'Return to Slime City'. If you’re into splatter horror, Street Trash or Troma films you’ll love Slime City!

7. What's the metal scene in Holland like? Last I heard, Melechesh had moved there, probably so they could smoke all the weed they want. Do you attend concerts and stuff?
The scene is good, except where I live haha! Centre of the country and there's no decent metal scene to speak of, then again I've only been living in the Netherlands for a few years. There's a nice small Death Fest close to where I live which has some great bands amongst loads of slam bands, I could do without the slam bands. The Netherlands has some killer goregrind bands which I'm a big fan of, Fondlecorpse, Last Days of Humanity, Stoma, Tumour, Rompeprop, Inhume and Hymen Holocaust. Haha! Yeah I'm sure that's the real reason Melechesh moved here. They’re a great band but I haven't had the chance to see them live yet. I attend a few concerts but not as much as I used to, public transport and trying to get back to my murder shack after a gig is almost impossible. The next live gig on my list is Pennywise haha! I’m not a big fan but they are a fun band live.
8. No need to play it cool, life is hard as an underground musician. What boring, shitty day job do you have when you're not out defiling graves at night?
I work as a freelance graphic & web designer, which helps with the Gore Obsessed cover design I guess. Aside from bands I’ve done split releases with, I tend to do more normal boring design work, the only bands I’ve had the pleasure of working with professionally is Cruachan and Primordial. I'm also in the process of starting up t-shirt printing so hopefully there'll be Gore Obsessed t-shirts in the near future.

9. What's next for Gore Obsessed? What does the future hold?
Well besides the upcoming EP and a planned Full-length, there's going to be a split with Agamenon Project, I’m finishing the tracks as I write this and will mix them later today. Ärthuälisson from Agamenon Project is taking care of the cover work which is sick and sexy, I love it haha! After that it'll be business as usual...more horror obsessed grind! I've got quite a few EPs planned and a few new tracks are already recorded and ready to be mixed. Hopefully there'll also be some pro CD-Rs, cassette tapes and T-shirts too. I’m also working on the upcoming Gore Blast release, which is a side-project I have with Eric from Blasphemation. Readers can check out our 4 track release at http://blasphemationmerch.bandcamp.com/
10. Thanks again for doing this interview. One last question: can TZEEEAC and Gore Obsessed become best friends forever? Also, if you have anything else you'd like to add, please feel free to do so. Cheers!
Hell Yeah! Gore Obsessed and TZEEEAC are total BFFs 4 eva! 
I'll tie you fuckers up in my basement and make sweet gruesome love to the remains of your rotting corpses.
Thanks to all the sicko's out there that support Gore Obsessed, I appreciate it and will murder you all as you sleep!


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