April 22, 2013

Black Sugar Transmission - The Glamour Pantomime (2013)

We’ve received loads of submissions in the last months, but none as peculiar as this one (from my point of view, at least). They describe themselves as being a ‘’highly destructive electro-rock’’ band, which might sound awesome to you but threatening to your grandfather, even after a life-time of shouting at innocent hippies.

As I was saying, Black Sugar Transmission are an odd bunch. The Glamour Pantomime is a blend between really, really high-pitched electro-sounds (in the spirit of Crystal Castles), alternative rock and Placebo on a fuckton of cocaine. It’s catchy, mesmerizing, colorful and so full of energy that I found myself fist pumping at 3 A.M., enslaved by the hypnotic trance that this album threw me into. And it's not like I wasn't hyper and obnoxious enough already. Thanks a lot, guys.

What's really nice is that you can distinguish the ''machine'' from the ''organic'' - in that you can actually hear some fucking instruments. The ''rock'' element is not there just for the show. The awesome guitar riffs and drums blend perfectly with the electronic rhythms, making for a fast, high-pitched electronic roller coaster that you'll never want to stop. Well, maybe just for their next album. You're not stopping here, right? Right guys? Guys?

So go check them out, and don't you dare speak to us until you do that.

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  1. Andee Blacksugar has become one of my favorite persons ever.