April 16, 2013

La Chinga - La Chinga (2013)

Part of what makes TZEEEAC this great is our email address. Sure, it may not look like much - just your ordinary, run-of-the-mill, somewhat lame Yahoo! virtual postbox. But inside it holds an ever growing number of emails from various bands across the world, sharing their music with us. Most of the time, their music is great. Sometimes, it's weird and confusing. And a select few times, the music we receive is so undeniably awesome that we can't help but feel privileged that its makers have deemed us worthy of spreading it around. This is one of those times.

First of all, I did some googling and I can somewhat confidently state that La Chinga would roughly translate as The Fuck. A ballsy move for sure, naming your band like that, but you know what? These guys have the cojones to pull it off. Hailing from Vancouver - that is, indeed, in Canada, which you all know I think is one of the best exporters of metal on the planet, and I don't mean aluminum railing - and making their fulminating debut in the metal scene, La Chinga are a power trio on a mission: to kick your ass. Fueled by what I can only assume is a strict diet of steak, beer, tequila and strip clubs, these dudes unleash a fucking maelstrom of 70s flavored, honest to Satan rock'n'roll that will stomp you to the ground. Not unlike their Canadian brethren You Handsome Devil, who operate in roughly the same manner.

As soon as you hit the play button, you are smacked dead in the face with an entire arsenal of rock'n'roll weaponry: dirty, overdriven guitar riffs with razor-sharp hooks and some bluesy vibes, lyrics about getting drunk and fucking shit up, tight drumming and some really great wailing vocals, all topped off with a generous serving of sizzling hot guitar solos. There are no weak songs to be found here: every single one of them is a rowdy party anthem that invites yelling and wanton destruction. They even managed to surprise me by sticking a stoner-bluesy rock song reminescent of Kyuss right in the middle of all the craziness, just to keep everyone on their toes. I also have to give them props for the excellent production work: the whole album sounds very professional, despite it being a self-funded, self-released effort.

Like I said, our email address is great. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful guys in La Chinga for sharing this with us even before it was officially released. As far as debut albums go, it doesn't get much better than this. Way to go, dudes!

PS: This might not be the last time you hear about La Chinga on our beloved blog...


  1. Part of what makes TZEEEAC this fucking awesome is TZEEEAC itself. This ain't your regular blog, this is THE FUCKING BLOG.

    And I'm not stoned, contrary to popular belief.