April 8, 2013

Merkaba - Ancient Relics (2012)

It's been a while since we've had some weird electronic music here and I've recently gotten way back into ambient, drone and psytrance thanks to the amazing Weed Temple blog, which you should all follow religiously. So, there's no putrid death metal or post-black-shoegaze music for today. Sorry, guys.

Instead, today is all about Merkaba, a mysterious electronic outfit from Australia who play some of the most insanely catchy and fascinating music I've ever heard. The tags from their bandcamp page read 'psytrance', 'progressive' and 'techno' and the music definitely sounds that way. You've got a weird mix of tribal atmospherics, futuristic sound effects, pulsating dance grooves and New Age-y feelings, along with some whispered female vocals. How does it all sound? AMAZING. It's trippy as hell but supremely danceable and it practically hypnotizes you into moving your head in time with the beat. The production is crystal clear and shiny and there's definitely some sick bass lines in here. Also, the songs are over 10 minutes long and constantly shift gears. Boredom be damned!

So what the hell are you still doing reading this? Shut off your blinds, turn on the disco ball and the neon lights, take off your socks, grab some glow sticks, crank the volume all the way to 11 and start blasting this while dancing furiously to all these delicious trance beats. THE TECHNOVIKING COMMANDS IT!

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