April 5, 2013

HEÅVY LØAD "Death Or Glory" (1982)

HYARRRRR!!! Ayee moosle-waggers, here'sz Lorky Swizglaff with thiz wek's review. HÄILING from mye hoem country of SWEDZEN, these lads shure kñow how to play Killah Heavy Metal STEEL, EH?! With kracken titles of traxx lieks "THE GUITAR IS MY SWORD"!!!11 How cool is that, my cringin-swoosle-fellaz!? Or onë of my faves "Might for Right", which is somethang liek YOU HAVE TO BE STRONG TO BE RIGHT, nå??

Ther VOICE on this mammüt of an album just screemz "GET ME OUT OF HERE I WANT TO FIEGHT!!>!", and the axe-workery can chop down trees with riff of steel. Drums are also very GØØD, they are thunder in Stöekhölhm. Bass thunder also. Also the cöverr art yells of vengeäänce and snowy bear viking, me. The lads from this band dress of leopard and tight leather, great metall warrier if you ask meh, great metall warrier! 

Me öhn the right.

No comment, Greåt ålbum! Müst listen for all heavy steel tiger warrios, please where can I büy this on red vinyl with 7"? I search all of Müskelrockk, no found. Thiz ålbum makes me stronger, harder to beat in fight!

Finåll Rattengz: 10/10 axe of steel, thank you Heavy Loåd, you make muscles big and sound sistems loüd. Heavy loüd.

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