March 17, 2013

High Spirits "Another Night" (2011) a.k.a. "If GTA Vice City was an album"

Every morning I wake up a happy man-child-boy-racoon knowing that I live in a world in which both this album and its mastermind, Chris Black, both exist. I absolutely had to buy it on vinyl, but the band has a bandcamp page, so you can listen to pretty much all their stuff there. To begin with, every tiny detail about this record is pure and unbridled 80s boner food.

Let’s talk about the album’s image for a bit. Apart from the music (we’ll touch on that later), the cover image is of the neon-soaked city of Chicago, and it looks exactly like a still from some kind of modern remake of GTA: Vice City, covered in early-Black Sabbath era purple, the greatest colour there is. 

As for the songs, I cannot stress this enough, but they're all awesome. You simply cannot listen to this album without thinking of your boyish days playing Vice City, with Malibu Club, Love Fist, Ferarris and drugs. The vocals are by far the greatest thing here, Chris Black’s soothing, clean, calm voice, combined with bitchin guitar riffs and harmonies, wrapped up in Black’s amazing bass riffs make up for one of the greatest modern metal bands. There have been bands that sound similar to the like of WitchcraftEnforcer or Vanderbuyst, but when you listen to High Spirits they really stand out, and you’re in for an amazing and delightful surprise.

Beautiful, beautiful heavy metal, buy all their shit.

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