March 14, 2013


Welcome to Bedtime Podcast Review #3, where I tell all of you sleepless ghouls about the wonderful podcasts I listen to when I'm trying to fall asleep at night or when taking long walks on a beach. You can find the previous posts here. After the excellent Hellcast Metal Podcast, it's time to go back to the movies with...

Junk Food Dinner, a cult movie podcast hosted by three geeks from Ohio with too much time on their hands, namely Parker Bowman, Mark Freado Jr. and Kevin Moss. This is one of those long-ass podcasts, with episodes frequently stretching to the 2 hour mark. Each episode features discussions about three cult movies from various genres (mostly sci-fi, horror and action flicks), plus movie news, latest DVD and Blu-Ray releases, fan mail read-outs, punk rock, witty Skype banter and lots of soundboard hijinks.

This show is ideal for picking up on new shit to add to your ever-expanding IMDB watchlist so I check out most of the episodes, especially when they happen to talk about movies I know about. New episodes come out every week and there are many special episodes during various months of the year, like Schlocktober (when they only deal in gruesome horror movies) or Sci-fi-ebruary, which is dedicated to sci-fi movies. The guys hosting it are funny and laid back, there's tons of jokes and laughter and they know the guys from Kissing Contest and sometimes cross-reference stuff that's happened on their podcast. Pretty cool, if you're an avid listener such as myself. Their website is also full of useful information, an up-to-date show archive, a list of movies they've covered and all sorts of other cool shit.

I would definitely recommend Junk Food Dinner to anyone who calls him or herself a movie fanatic. These guys totally know their cult movies and their podcast is an absolute joy to listen to. Thanks for the episodes and keep on truckin', dudes!

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