March 13, 2013

Nasty Habit - Nasty Habit (2012)

'Once upon a time, Rock ruled the world', so begins the bio section of this band's website, and they're probably right. I wouldn't be worried though, because today metal rules the world  >:)

Anyway, what these guys set out to accomplish is to give back to the planet the days when glam was glam, boys dressed like girls, girls dressed liked grandmas, Freddie Mercury was still alive and I was barely on the verge of existence to experience all of these first hand. Ok, so I played Vice City, therefore you can say I'm a little bit accustomed to the works.

There's a couple of good tracks to be found on this album, but let's face it, this type of rock'n'roll was never something to transpire originality. Their image, though, seems to be a cross between today's emotional 2deep4u hipsters, the hair extravaganza of Lady Gaga, 80's slick leather and last but not least, a complete lack of chest hair (notice how, if you spell 'chest hair' with the letter 'h' silent, it actually sounds like...oh, well, NEVERMIND!)

Check these guys out on and for you lazy specimens out there here's a video, complete with raspy vocals and smoke machines. 

Rock on!

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