March 12, 2013

Byzantine - Byzantine (2013)


Byzantine are back after a five year break with a new album that instantly became one of my favorite releases this year. These guys haven't skipped a beat and they're offering us more of their signature angular thrashing metal attack that got me hooked in the first place.

The impressive, labyrinthic riffing on display here could probably fall in the progressive thrash metal genre, but there's definitely some djent elements thrown in the mix, particularly evident through the percussive rhythmic feel of the music. All of the songs are insanely catchy and have more hooks than a pig slaughterhouse, while the rhythm section is rock solid, providing a strong backdrop for Chris Ojeda's riffing and powerful, gruff vocals. This album also comes with a bit of a clean singing warning, but it's sporadic and very well done, so it gets no complaints from me.

Even though they're older (their words, not mine) now, Byzantine are still kicking major ass and they're probably one of the most creative thrash metal bands out there, so do yourself a favor and check out their new album ASAP. It's gold, Jerry! Gold!


  1. Thanks for the kind words, Chester. We are blown away by the reception of our new album. It's dudes like you that are making this groundswell happen, Thanks again!


    1. Hey, thank you for reading and commenting, OJ! Keep up the outstanding work.