March 3, 2013

Riverside - Shrine Of New Generation Slaves (2013)

It’s here, minions, and it’s good!

Following their 2009 release, Anno Domini High Definition, polish masters from Riverside return with a long awaited LP aptly shorted out as SONGS. Now, I tell you, these guys have a knack at finding abbreviations for their albums that sound even cooler than the actual names. I mean OOM, SLS, REM (hey there!), ADHD and now SONGS! Can you get more trv than that?!

While ADHD received mixed reviews based on the fact that it didn’t sound anything like their previous efforts (What?!? And you call yourselves prog lovers? Let me remind you what progressive music should sound like: remember this? Yes? Now go buy me a six-pack, infidels!), SONGS lays back on the metal side and opts for a more groove oriented sound, gracefully taking on hard-rock, blues and jazz influences in a mix of eight tracks that are bound to get anyone’s attention regardless of their music taste.

Personally, I enjoy everything Riverside has put out so far and while SONGS is not as powerful as any of their previous releases, somewhat lacking in those wow moments you expect from them, it’s still one of the better albums around.  You can definitely tell they had a blast recording this.  

Check it out for yourselves.

P.S: One of the comments to this video states “Sounds like the guys had been listening to a lot of Clutch during the recording sessions”.

You know what? He’s right! Maybe more bands should do the same.

P.S.2: They’ll be hitting Bucharest on the 26’th of May and be sure I’ll be there to support them since one live show from two years ago is nowhere near enough to satisfy my Riverside musical wants. Expect a show review, I tell you!

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