March 10, 2013

Arkham Witch - On Crom's Mountain (2012)


I've been listening to this for the past two hours and it's amazing. Arkham Witch hail from the United Kingdom and they play traditional heavy/doom metal infused with Lovecraftian tales of terror, stories about barbarians and retro occult vibe. On Crom's Mountain is their debut album and it's tight as fuck. They bring the fast'n'heavy riffing, powerful vocals, groovy drumming and tons of references to Dagon, Cthulhu, R'lyeh and other bits of H.P. Lovecraft's bestiary. 

The Lovecraftian atmosphere is best conveyed through horrific ancient death metal from beyond, as far as I'm concerned, but oldschool heavy metal comes in as a close second on the list of musical genres best fitted to describe Lovecraft's twisted universe of madness. If that's something that you're into, give Arkham Witch a listen and prepare for a headbanging journey across the netherplanes. 

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