March 6, 2013

Primitive Man - Scorn (2013)

Here's some gloomy shit to fuck you up. Primitive Man hail from Denver, Colorado and play a sickening blend of doom metal, drone and sludge, smeared with some black metal noise just for the hell of it. The album opens with the self-titled Scorn, which is an almost 12-minute long piece that crawls at a funeral pace and crushes you with layer upon layer of gritty bass lines and poisonous guitar riffs.  The vocals are the highlight of this release - filthy, obnoxious, filled with dread and despair and oozing bleakness out of every growled lyric.

The first song is a good indicator for how the rest of the album sounds. The dark atmosphere just keeps getting thicker and muddier with each passing minute and listening to this in your headphones at night makes for a very claustrophobic experience. The cover artwork is suitably bleak, too. I don't really understand who that masked character is, but it's pretty obvious the other guy is in some amount of pain and/or discomfort, which is exactly how  the music makes you feel. Don't sleep on this, it's one of the best releases of 2013 so far. And you can depress yourself for free.

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