March 5, 2013

Echo Park

Echo Park are an upcoming band from Guildford, UK, consisting of five dudes who thought it would be a good idea to ask for our honest opinion about their music. Obviously, they were wrong. I grabbed my evil monocles and started laughing maniacally as soon as I finished reading their submission.

Oh, to be young and naive.

Nah, I'm just fucking with y'all. They're pretty cool. One thing that I liked about their music was that I couldn't really label it - it's too pop for rock, and too rock for pop. Firstly, you got the powerful and raspy vocal delivery typical for a pop-rock band. Kay, not bad, not bad. Really digging it. But then it starts with bad-ass guitar solos and violent drumming and I go whaaaaat? Did I accidentally click on a different YouTube video?  And then I see it's the same band and I suddenly feel fuzzy on the inside. Their style lies comfortably in the limbo of genres, and that ambiguity kept me hooked until the end. That is, until the end of their third and final track, because that's all they've released to date.

Fortunately, the guys are working on their debut EP as we speak, so be sure to give it a listen when it comes out. Until then,check out their Facebook page for stalking purposes and their YouTube channel for new releases.

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