February 18, 2013

New Order - Lost Sirens (2013)

As you probably already noticed, I have the terrible habit of mixing details from my private life with music criticism. The reason I do this is because, at its core, music is a highly subjective thing. No matter how hard one tries to be objective, it all boils down to how he relates to said album.

Chester's music fuels my murderous nature.

There are all sorts of bands out there ; some make me feel happy, depressed, angsty, while certain groups piss me off so much that I briefly return to my punching-pregnant-women in the stomach habit ( which I totally gave up – It was either this or smoking).  

New Order’s 80’s disco feel good tribute, Lost Sirens, puts me in a good mood every time I play it, though it’s not their best work. In fact, it’s their weakest album to date. It’s so out of place and bland in parts that I nearly feel asleep while listening to this damn thing. But you know what? Fuck it. It makes me feels good and that’s that.

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