February 21, 2013

Njiqahdda - Serpents in the Sky (2013)

A new year has begun and Njiqahdda apparently have some self-imposed album quota to fill, because they're already released one full-length album and one EP. The former is called Serpents in the Sky and continues the band's tradition of playing mystical, astral post-black metal with hypnotic, drawn-out compositions and reverberated vocals. This one sees the band's sound becoming more conventional and articulated, incorporating lyrics sung in English, recognizable song structures and even guitar solos, which bring their music back into the human realm and away from the cosmic depths the band usually frequents.

It's definitely a solid Njiqahdda album, but there's probably 30 more of them planned for release in 2013, so I guess I'll wait and see what else they come up with before making my mind. You can listen to it in its entirety by clicking on the video below.