February 22, 2013

BEDTIME PODCAST REVIEW: Hellcast Metal Podcast

Bedtime Podcast Review is where I tell you all about the podcasts I listen to in bed, late at night, while trying to fall asleep, because I'm a baby who hates sleeping without his beloved iPod. Since black metal or other noisy music tends to keep me up until the early hours of morning, I usually resort to my small, but constantly expanding catalogue of podcasts I follow. On the first iteration of this column, I talked about my favorite comedy movie podcast, Kissing Contest. Now, it's time to BRING OUT THE METAL, BR0!!!

The Hellcast Metal Podcast is a comedy METAL podcast affiliated with the Hell's Headbangers label and distro. The show is hosted by two dudes who go by the names of Ripper and Eddie Satan and episodes come out on a bi-monthly basis, sort of. But not always. There can be more episodes per month, or there can be less. Obviously, the hosts play a big part in the success of a podcast. These guys are doing a hell of a job here - they're both funny, they have lots of crazy stories about death metal concerts, douchebag Slayer fans and whatnot and they seem to know their metal pretty well. They're also huge Nunslaughter fans and are even friends with Don of the Dead (he co-hosts the show on one episode!!), so bonus points for that.

Their studio looks nice, too.

Episodes usually feature a lot of funny banter and metal chat, along with a segment where they purposefully listen to bands like Design the Skyline and go WOAH THIS SUCKS BALLSACK HOLY SHIT THIS IS BAD (pretty annoying to me), an interview with some well-known metal dude (they recently interviewed Chris Reifert from Autopsy, wooooo!) and lots of metal music. Each episode usually has around 10 to 15 songs, mostly in the old-school sounding death, black and thrash metal, so there's no technical death metal or wigger slam to be found on this show. I can't really complain, as most of  the music they play is bitchin' and I always write down some bands to check out after each episode.

Admittedly, my experience with metal podcasts is fairly limited. Even so, I have to give it to these guys: Hellcast has immediately become my favorite metal podcast on the internet right now. Between two great hosts, cool interviews, ass-ripping music and really good production values, there are virtually no reasons not to tune in to every episode. Obviously, these guys need no plugging from a sweet bro such as myself, but nevertheless, if you were looking for a funny metal podcast with tons of good music, look no further than the Hellcast. It's good for you!

Useful links: 

Hellcast Website: http://hellcast.hellsheadbangers.com/
Hellcast on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hellcastmetalpodcast
Hellcast on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/hellcast-metal-podcast/id462927705?mt=2&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

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