February 26, 2013

Tribulation - The Horror (2009)

Tribulation is one of Sweden's finest death metal acts and their debut album The Horror is definitely one of  the essential releases of the recent years. Featuring Adam Zaars (Repugnant, ex-Enforcer) on guitars, this album is an absolute monster, with nine tracks of sheer aggression and horror that will leave you lying in a puddle of blood and vomit. The guitars have that thick, chainsaw-like Swedish tone we all love and they rip out one bowel-spilling riff after another, while also tending to lock into some sweet rocking grooves. The vocals are raspy as hell and sound truly evil and the lyrics are actually quite well thought out, dealing with things like necrophilia and hungering for human flesh. Elegant. Add  to all this the fantastic production, that's polished but still very old-school sounding and you've got one of my favorite death metal albums ever.

Their new album entitled The Formulas of Death will be dropping this Friday so be sure to check it out, it definitely promises to be a worthy successor to their first album. In the mean time, I've got this one on heavy rotation.


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