February 26, 2013

Local Natives - Hummingbird (2013)

Local Natives are a bunch of local natives from Los Angeles who perform some kind of indie/folk/neo-boredom. Not that this is necesarly boring, but I just can't get into chill music, man. It makes me tap my foot against the floor hoping that it's just an obscene build up to something outrageously loud and epic. Obviously, that's never the case.

 But sometimes, when my ADD wears off, I find myself enjoying the blessings of a repetitive drum pattern accompanied by gentle guitars and soothing vocals. Hummingbird reminded the chaotic and obnoxiously energetic Marco that music is not only about bombastic guitar riffs, violent drumming and enthusiastic ''fuck the system'' messages. It can be a beautiful and heartbreaking story about loneliness, sadness and loss told in a bitter-sweet fashion. More so, while being a slow paced album and all, it's still groovy as hell. Local Natives know their shit when it comes to slow music and are talented enough to keep you engaged even after a cryptic 5 minutes long song about hell knows what emotion or traumatizing event torments their souls.

Or maybe I feel asleep while listening to it and woke up confusing it with another album. We'll never know.

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