February 19, 2013

Chipita Bougatsa-flavored Pita Chips

Bougatsa is a traditional Greek phyllo pastry pie filled with semolina custard and sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon on top. Sounds harmless enough, but how about eating it as chips? I was looking in disbelief at the supermarket shelf the first time I've seen these. The graphics on the bag were suggestive enough, but I actually had to read the English description and ingredients list to make sure I understood exactly what these things are - bougatsa-flavored pita chips. Okay...

Despite my dreadful expectations, they're actually decent. As soon as I opened the bag and stuffed my face inside it, I was enveloped by a slightly artificial smell of cinnamon and cake. I've never had actual bougatsa so I don't really know how they stand up against it, but the taste reminded me of traditional Kurtos Kalacs, although obviously I'd rather eat one of those instead of these mass-produced chips.They have a nice crunch and, just like the real thing, are covered in caster sugar and cinnamon, which make them a nice little weird sweet snack.

I've bough these two more times, but I quickly lost interest in them in favor of actual Greek cookies, which tend to taste amazing. The range also includes nacho cheese pita chips, which are probably the best of them all, and oregano pita chips, which are painfully unremarkable. Overall, it's worth trying them out, but they'll probably not become a part of your junk food diet.


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