February 20, 2013

Shai Hulud – Misanthropy Pure (2008)

Any band that takes its name after the sand worms in Dune, has an album title containing a variation of the word misanthrope and the first track speaks of flesh eating venom  is guaranteed to get my attention.

Strangely enough, these guys have been rocking hard since 1995, yet it’s 2013 and I have just found out about them. I guess the urban myth concerning the end of the internets is really nothing more than…an urban myth, evidently… du’h_face.jpg

So if don’t mind the music labeled as metalcore (it’s most likely they’re one of the genre pioneers anyway) and you’re looking for something to blast through the speakers until the sand worms themselves jump out of the books and start a mosh pit in your living room, then say no more, as Shai Hulud is here to deliver!

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