February 19, 2013

Romero - Take the Potion (2013)

Sometimes I throw my garbage at Marco's place.

Now, that's not to say that I sneak around his neighbourhood at night with a full trash bag, smash it against the door to his house then run away laughing maniacally. Such brutal displays of savagery don't characterize me.

No. But sometimes, when watching TV and eating junk food, I quietly collect the empty chip bags and chocolate wrappers into my backpack. Some time after this, Marco might have me over to watch movies and break some more of his furniture. I would bring my garbage-stuffed backpack along, claiming that I need it to carry the beer or something. Then, just before handing him the cold cans, I ask him inconspicuously: "Hey, Marco, is it okay if I throw away some stuff in the paper waste bin in your room?" He says yes, the poor bastard. At which point, I plaster a sinister grin on my face, reach inside my backpack and hand him my long-collected garbage, which immediately fills up his little bin, rendering it useless. It's a way for me to subtly assert my dominance. It's a way of saying "I don't feel like taking out my own trash, so you will do it for me, even if you don't want to." This has been going on for some time. He doesn't suspect anything or, if he does, he is too afraid to do anything about it. Which means that my plan is working.

This blog is kinda like that too, only instead of Marco's house, it's your computer and/or listening device and instead of greasy snack bags, it's all sorts of violent music from the deepest pits of the internet. You are also too scared to question me, so don't even bother. Just go download this free album by Romero. It's stoner rock/doom and it'll brighten up your day. See? I only do it because I care.


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