March 9, 2012

Condemned - Desecrate the Vile (2007)

I can think of no better way to kickstart the semi-new incarnation of Tzeeeac than with more disgusting, slamming, ultraguttural brutal death metal, so behold!, San Diego, California's own Condemned. Sharing Cephalotripsy's drummer and vocalist, Condemned don't stray much from the classic formula, churning out some heavy, if uncreative, riffage with plenty of hyperblasting to go along and, of course, Angel Ochoa's vocals, which are totally fitting for the genre - completely unintelligible, guttural as fuck and laid out in pretty creative patterns so they blend nicely with the simplistic chugging.

Not much more to say, except if you enjoy the musical stylings of Cephalotripsy, Devourment or Disgorge, Condemned will be right up your alley. MOSH.

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