March 28, 2012

Death Grips - New Videos from Their Upcoming Album

You might think we don't listen to anything that doesn't have at least one guitar somewhere in there, but you'd be wrong. We also enjoy select hip-hop cuts from time to time, and Death Grips is a name uttered with respect and fear around here. Respect, because these guys have taken hip-hop to a whole new level. Fear, because that level involves jarring cyber/industrial beats, furious drum kit abuse and vocal delivery that would cause all of those so-called "gangstas" to scurry away and hide under their beds in terror should they dare hear it.

Their previous output, Ex-Military, has made a terrible impression on me and it even made it on Tzeeeac's 2011 best-of-the-year list. It took me a long time to shake off the disturbing imagery of the videos and MC Ride's barked caustic lyrics. To no avail, though, as Death Grips plan on putting out two albums this year. The first one is called The Money Store, is due April 24th and is adorned with that wonderfully horrific artwork you can see above. The band have already released two videos of tracks from the new album and a third one has sprung up today. The visuals are just as messed up as I expected and the music is the same brand of barbaric hip-hop I've come to know, love and obey. Good to see these guys are keeping it real.

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  1. Death Grips is awesome!
    I really dig your blog.
    Nice combination of Metal and Hip Hop and whatever.
    I am a similar wavelength over at my spot.
    Tons of great Underground Hip Hop and other madness.
    Stop by sometime!