March 27, 2012

Powerwolf - Sanctified with Dynamite (Live Video)

It always pisses me off when some band I really like doesn't have any official videos for their songs, so when I want to tell someone how awesome that band is, all I have to show for it is one of those lame Youtube videos that only feature the cover art of the album instead of, you know, the actual band performing the song.

Thankfully, German power metal priests Powerwolf have taken note of my silent plea and have released a new live video of them performing Sanctified with Dynamite, a brilliant song off their equally brilliant 2011 opus, Blood of the Saints. Great news, as I always enjoy their werewolf-centric brand of power metal. They seem like a pretty energetic live act, doing lots of theatrical poses and stuff. Pretty cool.

 Oh, and their keyboardist is totally handsome.

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